The Character Biography of Vladimir Mikhailov:

Personal Information:

Name: Vladimir Mikhailov
DoB: 08-09-1970
Nationality: Russian
Sex: Male
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Contact Information:

Address: Classified
Phone Number: Classified
State: San Andreas
City/County: Whetstone, Angle Pine

Current & Past Occupations:

Current: Retired Soldier & Politician
Past: Spetsnaz Lieutenant, Russian Oligarch, ex-CEO of Lukoil.

Backstory of Vladimir Mikhailov:

Vladimir was born in Moscow, Russia. He grew up in a wealthy family. Her mother was a director of one of the most expensive & best private schools in Moscow and his father was a known politic & businessman. He also had a brother that was a known weightlifter in Russia and also competed in the Olympics. Basically, his family was a gem, they got along together and money wasn't a problem.

Vladimir graduated from the school that his mother directed and started his own business. He owned over 40% of the gas stations in Russia and they were under the name of Lukoil, one of the most successful oil companies to this day. And if you have a lot of money in Russia & own oil which is most of the time given to you by the President then you also become an Oligarch. He was also a known Oligarch.

Money was unlimited and he started to get bored so he decided to try out for the Spetsnaz and he managed to join it after several years of training. He participated in life-threatening missions & deployed to places. Climbed his way up the hierarchy of Spetsnaz and became a Lieutenant before he completely retired.

A picture of Vladimir in his Spetsnaz days:

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He decided to buy a villa in the States to just relax sometimes but he fell in love with America and its political views so he decided to move here, create his own party, and eventually became a Senator. The government seemed too much for him and he heard that Angle Pine is running for mayor so he has decided to become a candidate for the Angle Pine Mayor.