Character Biography: Dan Douglas

Basic information

Name: Dan Douglas
Sex: Male
DoB: 17-09-1980

Contact information

Address: n/a
City/Precinct: Angel Pine
County: Whetstone
State: San Andreas

Occupation and experience

Current occupation: Unemployed veteran
Experience: Vice General - Desert Eagles

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Dan doesn't talk much about his past. Most people know is that he's served in the army for as long as they really know. But to Dan himself, it's a different story...

Dan is from Palomino Creek, that patriotic village in the north-east of the state. Before enlisting, he was in the police academy but that was not really his cup of tea. He felt protecting the state should start with controlling who we let into it and who we don't let in... Cubans. Cuban's and Dan are no match made in heaven, so much so that it made him enlist into the military. Climbing through the ranks to command so he can for once chip in and stop the scum from entering the state.

After years of being a loyal officer in the navy, Dan gets promoted to Admiral. Where he was able to close off ports and illegal shipments of Cuban soldiers and weaponry. For years Dan was successful in stopping terrorism with an iron fist from entering the state which lead to his promotion to vice general of the army.

Dan flourished, made his dues and left his mark. But finally retired after his service, after all he's only 40. A world left to explore, rather than fight. To escape his roots he moved to Angel Pine, a town where his story is not yet written but where it will be.