• Hello there! Some of you may remember these sections in old forums:

    Thing is, after making sure there was enough people interested in RP activities I feel like this section is required once again. Not the whole thing but just a general public RP section with a subsection for RP characters, that will be enough.

    The subsection would allow many of those who like backstories to post their characters for everyone like it used to be and the general section would make it possible to organize further RP events ingame.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Can’t wait for that to happen, it would be genuinely beneficial to the server in my opinion. Because I, myself, got a little bored of doing the same thing over and over everyday. There’s no harm at all in roleplaying and I think it could bring a nice change in the gameplay experience, especially when there’s no RP on the MTA platform anymore (GTA V RP is not the same, let’s agree on that).

  • Would be lovely! I love taking my RP character and via a forum like this it's easier to get to know all roleplaying people.

  • Absolutely supporting the idea, server is way out of roleplaying, and that's the only thing which is missing. Loving the days back then! You got my support for this.