[Suggestion] /gunfix

  • Hello!

    I'd like to bring attention to daily pain many if not all of us have to go through. The infamous "/gunfix"! Currently nightstick/taser and sometimes shotgun get bugged at random times, as result the player is unable to arrest/tase/slow the person until writing /gunfix. What's likely to happen is that they will bug out again several moments later, but unfortunately /gunfix has 120secs of cooldown left to go before it can be used again. In the meantime you're left to run in circles and hope for surviving throughout the next minute.

    I'm suggesting removing /gunfix cooldown entirely, or if it truly demands a cooldown for whichever reason, decreasing it by far. Ultimately I'd love to see gunfix issue resolved entirely but even just decreasing the cooldown would help!

  • You should ask before WHY the cooldown is there. I suspect of some lag issues if you bind and spam it.

  • @kipt said in [Suggestion] /gunfix:

    You should ask before WHY the cooldown is there.

    I don't really need to know why the cooldown is there, so there's no need to ask either. In that case this would be titled [Question] instead of [Suggestion]. After all if it's the reason why removing/reducing the cooldown is impossible, I'm certain someone will bring it up regardless.

    What I'd like to know however is if this game breaking bug can be resolved by for example, lowering the cooldown.

  • There's no bugs. I've a nice network & PC

  • Uh idk but the gunfix never worked for me, my weapons always get bugged and it doesnt help.

  • It's not working for me too so I have never used it and 99.9% of criminals always escape from me because of that fucking bug

  • Supporting the topic. But, as Kipt said, this all spamming would cause lag to the Server, so I suggest lowering the cooldown to 10 seconds.

  • The cooldown is there to stop people from abusing it. (Spamming it would make you shoot but not use bullets)

  • Can the cooldown be decreased though? It's set at 120sec now which is an eternity when your weapons aren't working.

  • Why is /gunfix even required? What exactly bugs it and is it preventable?

  • Why was it made then?

  • @Ikzelf it's useful because sometimes when i jump from my bike the shotgun don't shoot for some reason and i use /gunfix and it's all fixed

  • It's a client-server desync issue.
    However the time will be changed to 30 seconds for the sake of convenience