(New) ammu-nation menu script preview

  • Hello. Take a look at this script I made in a couple of hours, regarding a suggestion.

    Updated to version 1.1

    Suggestion link: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/20114/enable-to-put-ammo-count-in-ammunations?page=1

    Let me know what you think - and I'm open to changing some parts if needed? However this is pretty much the final form that it would come in.

    Most of the time that I spend making this script was getting back into the MTA documentation, which game functions were relevant, and what they did, as I haven't touched it for a long time. I currently work as a programmer with .NET, mostly C# - the point being that I'm also not too experienced in what Lua as a language has to offer, so I'm sure there are parts in the code which could be made more simple?

    Link also updated to version 1.1
    I'm gonna leave my script here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/chn70l0b609qiop/%5Bammu-nation-buy-menu%5D.zip/file

  • If you want to hear some feedback and opinions;
    It -I guess- looks okay, speaking for the functionality, but I think the interface could've been better. f.e. the first thing that appears to my eye is the weapon images which look very cheap due to them having a 1 x 1.12 scale instead of the original square fit. I'd also put more spaces between buttons and images to have a fresher look. Also, although I'm not sure, I remember once someone said that all the money checks and transactions must be server sided.
    And, why haven't you used colshapes instead of a marker and a calculation? Just out of curiosity

  • GUI design is meh, but that could be a simple adjustment. I cant check your script properly right now but here’s what I noticed in your video.
    Before making the script definite, make sure that the script can run bug free and that all possible abusable bugs are protected, such as:

    • Amount in edit box, make a check to see if the input is a valid number (no minus, no decimals, no weird symbols)
    • Check if person is still alive and standing in the marker
      Possibly more, just think about it carefully.

    And as Velo said, check and take player money server sided, not client.

    Other than that good work, the more you try the more you learn πŸ™‚

  • Idea πŸ‘Œ
    GUI Design πŸ’©

  • Ofcourse I would like to hear feedback, Velona
    I've updated it.
    It is now version 1.1.

    Main topic has also been updated to contain the latest video. Let me know what you guys think about it, your opinion is appreciated.

    • Changes in v1.1
    1. Colision spheres instead of markers
    2. No more calculations to see if player position matches with marker position
    3. Spacing added in between buttons. Pictures are now 1:1
    4. All transactions has been moved to server side
    5. Added background sound (ammunation commercial)
    6. Added a 10% chance to play a sound effect from the shop keeper in ammu-nation store when buying ammo