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    Welcome to your source for EDM music.
    The style that makes you bounce.

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    DJs: 18
    Historical listener amount: 143 (by @Gengar)
    Average session length: 30 minutes
    Direct URL: http://proxima.shoutca.st:8227/stream

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    We have a team of DJ's that play all sorts of EDM. Currently we mainly play harder house (progressive, big room etc) and trap. We are still looking for DJ's to fill up the hardstyle and trance spots. Interested? Feel free to PM me on this forum. Experience is a must if you wanna join fast. (I'm too lazy to help people around)

    @Patrick & @Marko (Leaders)
    @Gengar & @John (HQ)
    @Fabman (DJ)
    @Adriano (DJ)
    @Carter (DJ)
    @Duracell (DJ)
    @jaking (DJ)
    @Leo. (DJ)
    @Noisyboy (DJ)
    @Pitty (DJ)
    @NRG (DJ)
    @Sparrow (DJ)
    @TheClaw (DJ)
    @Blué (DJ)


    *EDM Zone is part of RadioNetworkツ. Together with our friends from ZebraFM, Radio Active and Slugs we provide you the best music from all around the world.

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  • Dear,

    EDM is a powerfull category of hundreds of subgenres related to house-like music, our radio was the main leader of this kind of music in SAES. Once launched, our radiostation never really hit the 0 listeners for a long period of time, we became one of the most loved radiostations on SAES.

    Sadly, everything, sooner or later will come to a end. The end of the story of EDM Zone has came to a end.
    I've came to this decision due medical, expensive issues in reallife combined with my lowish activity ingame. EDM Zone is now off air alongside the other radiostations I hosted.

    I would like to thank all my DJ's & listeners for keeping EDM Zone up.
    We may return later.


  • #BlameGengar