Hostage Rescue Team

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    "We put two rounds in their forehead. The dead don't need handcuffs."

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    The Hostage Rescue Team was founded in 1982 by Danny Coulson, former Deputy Assistant Director of the FBI, and completed its final certification exercise in October 1983.

    In 2012, Hostage Rescue Team received certification to operate in this state(SA) with an increased crime rate and more frequent terrorist attacks. After a series of setbacks, the squad suspended work in order to return more prepared. Soon, all the agents left the organization of their own free will.

    Now, in 2020, we are opening a squad in order to find new agents with reduced requirements for applicants and we are resuming activities.

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    Our role is interpreted in our motto: the main goal is to save innocent people who have been taken hostage or trapped in a terrorist attack zone. On the other hand, our role lies in the fact that agents are more prepared for armed clashes than for pursuits and therefore will noticeably more often use firearms and try to eliminate the criminal in order to reduce the case to a safer main role - to rescue hostages.

    Also Hostage Rescue Team mission profiles include:

    • High-risk raids, searches, arrests, and warrants
    • Cold/extreme weather operations
    • Dignitary protection
    • Assisting other units in police logistics and communication

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    Note: Hostage Rescue Team was originally part of the FBI, but now we stand out as a separate agency.

    Squad name: Hostage Rescue Team
    Squad panel: Hostage_Rescue_Team
    Tag: [HRT]name|Rank & [HRT*]name for new members
    Date of creation: 29/09/2020
    Squad level: 0
    Motto: We put two rounds in their forehead. The dead don't need handcuffs / Servare vitas (To save lives)
    Media archive link: click
    Location: Classified, so far
    Discord link:

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    1. Do not abuse your position/rank and unique class abilities (commands, panels etc).

    2. Listen to HQ team orders (you can only ignore it if it breaks any other squad or server rule).

    3. Always inform HQ team about coming inactive.

    4. Do not participate in meaningless(or which you can conduct in a party chat/PM) conversations or trashtalk in mainchat. We are not interested in attention whores.

    5. You are allowed to arrest every wanted player if you are sure that suspect participated in criminal activity (except official activity like events, roleplays. Duels at Ghost Town is NOT an event).

    6. You are allowed to spawn as criminal when there is no squad activity.

    7. At best, try to arrest the criminal first. But you can shoot right away in cases where your teammates need suppressive fire support, sniper support, or when it is impossible to get to the stage without wounded.

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    • Management / HQ team:

    Director (Level 10 / |L) - the main controlling link of the squad.

    Deputy Director (Level 9 |VL) - right hand of the director, replaces it if necessary.

    Chief of Staff (Level 8 |CoS) - the senior agent of the squad management, responsible to the secretary of a service branch.

    Commander / HQ (Level 8 |HQ) - middle management, taking part in the decisions of the squad and its command.

    • Red(lower ranks), Blue(middle ranks) and Gold(unit management) Tactical Units - highly qualified agents:

    The RBG is a special squad unit, where only proven and worthy agents who have reached the rank of lieutenant and have passed special training and testing go.


    Colonel / Tactical unit director (Level 7 |COL) - deals with the management of RBG unit; is the lowest level of management.

    Major (Level 6 |MAJ) - the highest rank of an agent who is not part of the squad's management, whose main task is to direct and train the RBG agents.

    Captain (Level 5 |CPT) - an experienced agent who has shown excellent results in the service and deserved to be honored.


    Special Agent-in-Charge (Level 4 |SAC) - head of the blue unit

    Supervisory Special Agent (Level 4 |SSA) - agent trained in police logistics and qualified to manage small training


    Senior Special Agent (Level 3 |sSA) -agent who has passed all the initial stages of a RBG unit

    Special Agent (Level 3 |SA) - a time-tested and tested agent of the RBG unit, its main human resource

    Trainee Agent (Level 2 |tA) - newcomer of the RBG unit, who has passed the test and is on probation

    • Ordinary Agents

    Lieutenant (Level 2 |LT)

    Sergeant (Level 2 |SGT)

    Corporal (Level 1 |CPL)

    Private (Level 1 |PVT) - agent who passed probationary period

    Recruit (Level 0) - probationary agent

    • Additional specialties:

    Sniper team - support unit specialized in long-range shooting using a sniper rifle

    Tactical Air Unit - agents with professional flight and air deployment skills (required to receive Blue unit access)

    Tactical Mobility Unit - agents capable of performing dangerous turns on highways / roads without harming others and their property, as well as their own vehicle, are able to safely deploy with a team to the required territory (required to receive Red unit access)

    Logistics and communication - agents skilled in police logistics capable of reporting, directing and alerting other units about dangerous criminal activity (required to receive Gold unit access)

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    Tell us about:

    1. Previous experience:
    2. Previous punishments:
    3. Yourself and why do you want to become part of our squad:

    Special thanks to Zodiyac for banners and logo and my main and only sponsor Kawaii with his official video

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