into the davy jones locker [San Andreas Pirates- closing]

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    For well over than 8 years and since it’s creation San Andreas Pirates has done it’s best to bring action to the seas of San Andreas. Over multiple generations of members and Captains our mission has always been to bring fun, activities, and RP ideas mainly on the high seas and also on land all while maintaining a certain level of maturity among our pirates and a firm leadership from the captains.

    but as everything in life has an end, it’s with deep sadness that i announce that after a discussions with my captains we have reached the decision to shut down San Andreas Pirates.
    as the interest in sea life fades away, and with limited solutions not worthy of the group, this hard decision comes out of respect to SAP’s history as the legendary group it has always been to keep it’s memory on the same status it deserves rather than letting it fade away or turn into something it wasn’t intended to be.

    I would like to personally thank everyone who’s taken part of this wonderful journey, Stubrat (the founder), Jasem (our previous pirate king) with all our other dead heroes, every current and ex captain, every current and ex member who’s been part of our crew, the current and previous GM teams throughout those years, and anyone & everyone who hanged around or contributed in any sort of way in making SAP reach all the levels it reached.
    it's time for our Jolly roger to be lowered as we rest in the depth of Davy jones locker. SAP shall always be remembers.

    in the good memory of San Andreas Pirates
    2012 : 2020

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  • Rest in peace for ma dead niggas, fun ride men F sap

  • F

  • Nice to know my brothers creation (Inf1n1ty/Marwin) lasted so long. Will tell him it's closing tomorrow when I see him because he was surprised it still was kept alive.

    one of the original videos me and my brother made back in the day

  • F SAP 👎 😠 😲 😲 😲

  • Rest in peace , I3I2

  • F guys add me before close

  • Rest in peace❤

  • I had the pleasure of taking part in this wonderful group I was also happy to take part in the management team of the group (Both in the bad days & good days) had a lot of fun RP'ing as a Pirate and sailing the seas, pretty sucks to see that you decided to close your gates after a great & long trip but hopefully you come out with the idea of re-created the group in the future!

    So here's my last Yarrrrrrr!


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  • OMG !! F

  • My respects

  • That was the hardest decision that we had to make, it was specially difficult for me as well.

    I have spent 1 year and 4 months as SAP HQ, during that time, I've to say that the group has went through a lot, but I'd gladly and surely say that SAP was one of the best criminal groups within the server, incredibly well organized, full of people that played for the sake of having fun.

    I'd like to thank every SAP HQ that allowed me to be part of the leadership and be a HQ, I'd like to thank every single SAP member that stayed in the group, despite the challenges we have went through. I appreciate your efforts, your great words towards the group, your amazing activity and also your amazing way of having fun. SAP was unique by itself, we laughed together and had fun together, despite the tough situations.

    Here are just a few screenshots.

  • RIP, I used to be part of SAP 4 years ago 😢

  • Ah Shit,Rest in peace sap ❤

  • It was a great pleasure to be part of this fantastic and amazing group and to be able to lead it together with the best people side to side.
    These were incredible moments, over the years several achievements have been made, goals completed, progress and I can only thank everyone who took part in this journey
    I just have to thank everyone who could be part of this group and those outside of it who gave us motivation

    Keep the 🏴☠️ code, Always be yourself, unless you can be a pirate. Then always be a pirate.
    May your blade always be wet, and powder dry.

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  • Farewell SAP! you'll always be remembered.

  • It was nice being a part of this group, good bye SAP ☠

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  • Had really good time inside of the group, i’m really sad to hear this. Rip ://

  • Jasem would behead you!