Ment's ban appeal

  • Nickname: Ment
    Username: emirhanpolat
    Ban Date: 24.11.2019
    Banned By: Kain
    Your MTA:SA serial: 5CC822767598D80707E9EBBB590B5A42
    Ban Reason: Usage of Macro
    Why should we unban you?: Because I’ve been trying to prove that I’m innocent when it comes to using macros, in order to enhance anything combat wise, for almost a year now. I recorded videos, i even posted videos of players whoever tried to help me. I don't know what else i could do to prove my innocence. Like i stated in my previous appeals, what you have seen in my videos are just MTA's poor synchronization. If there is anything else i can do to show you guys what i did is possible, i am still up for it like i said in my previous appeals. Now, when it comes to usage of macros in general, I used them only to automatically place my bets at casino, instead of betting 1 time per 2 seconds ( using my own mouse), the software would bet a lot more times, but that did not increase my win-rate or so, it just made my betting faster, and that’s the only thing I ever used macros for. Since it would just make me lose millions, or earn millions, according to my luck, I thought it wasn’t something for which, I would be punished or judged negatively. Yet again, if it is, you have my sincerest apologies and I promise it won’t happen again.