Interior Glitch

  • When im getting out of Jail i get buged in the wall and none can see me there

  • @AchiK i think that happen to yes?

  • I am almost certain that this is a thing that happens when many criminals exit at once, essentially what is going on is that when you spawn together with your inmates outside you appear over a few of them, stacked one over the other so you have a small chance of that happening, it is not the most common of the glitches, and can be considered bug abuse, so if you see someone simply standing there and taking advantage of it, just use "/report" with a screenshot and someone will take care of it.

    On the other hand, if you're the one stuck there, use "F1 > I'm stuck".

    I don't really think that it should be fixed as it's not too much of a common thing, and if it happens often to you it might be due to your internet connection, as when you lag, you'll be standing there for more time, allowing more players to spawn inside of you, and essentially push you through that part, this will happen with any "teleport" from interior to exterior.