As we are getting ready to start producing quality content for the community to read and enjoy, we would like to do a one time “recruitment event” to get some editors on board who will assist us in creating this content. We would like to give every individual in the community an equal chance of getting this role within the organisation.

Everyone who would like to enter this contest will have to write an article. You are free to choose the subject and the length of your article, but it has to be related to SAES. Editors will be chosen based on the quality of their article. The individual who writes the best article will also be rewarded with $10,000,000.

We are expecting a grammatically correct article as the future editors will be responsible for both writing and checking articles before they are published.

DEADLINE: 9th August 2020.

How To Enter

  • Start by joining the SANA discord server:

  • Write an article from scratch using a google docs file or write it using a program you’re familiar with and copy paste it into the docs file (shown below).

Uploading / creating your article in the Editor Contest map on our SANA drive:
Use your in-game name as file name in the Editor Contest map.