[Our RP] Let’s chat

  • Hey everyone, glad to be able to type this.

    We all know SAES has been having problems with people roleplaying, and not roleplaying right.

    I would like to attempt and give people a comfy reason to roleplay more. I would like to help promote roleplay, so more people will try and actually roleplay. All this post will be is a brainstorming post for the community, on the subject of positive roleplay experiences.

    I guess i’ll start with things I notice, that make people not roleplay, and skip traffic stops as much.

    1.) Squads like ICE, (mainly ice lol) i’ve noticed will assram new players, and arrest them without trying to RP.(we ❤ you ICE) If every official sqaud could come together, and talk about taking it easy on new players, giving them a large chance to RP, it may increase RP morale.

    2.) New players. If we play as an official squad, and try to pullover someone we think may be new, we should look at their hours, if they have under 50 we should really give them more chances to RP rather than the guy with 200hrs speeding away.

    3.) Trainees(lol). I think I have an idea for trainees, and the hilarious stupid shit they do wrong. I suggest someone make an official squad, dedicated to training trainees. Members of this squad would come online, and gather the new trainees they see that day, and guide them. A rule should be added that (Police trainees are required to listen and meet with their official sqaud instructors. If an official squad member that can train trainees gives you an order, you must listen and follow. If no instructor is online, or wants to train, you may play as usual.(As a trainee)(Rule enforced on severity of situation)

    4.) Police image. The image of the police determines whether official gangs will be more keen to try and pull over and RP. No one is going to rp with a assrammer, right?

    5.) We should all show each other a (little) more respect. We shouldnt approach someone negatively or hostile because of the mood WE are in. Youll never know the mood of the other person. They could be having a bad day, lost a loved one, etc..

    6.) Further RP guidelines, and possibly rules when engaged in an RP. If saes were to add a /roll system that randomly generates numbers 1-100 it would give more realistic opportunity to RP.

    As of now, thats all in my head. I’ll add more as it comes to me. Please, everyone, brainstorm and give ideas in comments below.

    Thank you,

  • To comment your post:

    I definitely believe that we can give new players a better experience by giving them the chance to express themselves when they've got wanted stars and are chased by the police. I believe this is mostly dependent upon the server rules, as people are free to take down criminals as fast as possible whenever they feel like it. Squad leaders could implement a new rule for squads to pullover people before deciding to arrest or bribe. Trainees are however unrestricted, and will always be dependent upon server rules, which the SAES team would have to create a rule about, but which I believe would be mostly ignored by trainees. (You know trainees; wild, vicious, blood-thirsty dogs.)
    I believe the best way to give players a RP chance is to change the squad rules to implement a policy to no-arrest before a chance to RP. I believe this would make our squads more approachable, and boost enjoyable experiences.

    I disagree with this. I find that every player should be given a chance to RP no matter their hours.

    Trainees are uncontrollable cyka blyats. I would stick to official squads and pro police.

    Goes a bit back to point 1) and 2), but yeah. Previous experiences correlates to current anticipations and thus forms a behaviour adaption.

    Easy to say, hard to practice. Emotional stability is a pro trait in people, and many people lack it.

    This sounds like a Dungeons 'n' Dragons RP style. I don't believe this is what most roleplays in our server is about, but the function would surely be nice to have in-game for roleplays that depend on it, or chance scenarios in general. Hell, could even use it in a gambling group.

    Bonus: Also, the amount of traffic lights in GTA:SA is fucking extreme. Stopping at every red light wouldn't be fun.


    Personal opinion about roleplaying in the SAES server and in general:

    I love roleplaying, I thoroughly enjoy putting myself in a situation where everything is circumstancial, and may be used against or for you. But as you mention there often is some trouble with the police aggressiveness and our general moods. I also believe that it lies in the current goals of the people in our server.

    We're different people, and certainly different ages. I started out when I was younger, around 11-12 years old. My primary concern was to help my gang and my friends to defeat the police and live as street kings. I did everything in my power at that time to generate revenue through SRs, turfs and general criminal activities. My primary concern was to help my gang and make money.

    Now I've grown older, and my interests are far less black and white. For me, it's about conversating with people that has something to share, acquiring nice houses, driving regular or funny cars, hanging out at parties, listening to music together, making creative and realistic roleplays, and in general just helping anyone out whenever they need something (except for those lousy people who ask for 2M to buy a brand new lambo or something, fuck those people). I still enjoy making money and trying to help my gang to level up but it's not among my primary concerns anymore.

    I would love more RPs, and especially creative RPs. I like to see unique stories, because they're more entertaining than common speed tickets on the highway, or arms/drug deliveries between gangs, where no problems occur, where the characters don't need to think about anything to solve, really.

    I'd like cops to investigate an old farm where the reputation of a drug baron's stash lies, criminals to setup a high-way robbery, civillians to buy illegal arms and be discovered by the police; Assassinations, grand robberies, infiltration, parachute missions, high-speed police chases(instead of just blowing up anyone's car), stunt jumps in order to shake off people who chase you, private helicopters to deliver goods or kidnapped people, you name it.

    I want a numerous amount of creative RPs, where people don't shit around, say they wanna RP, take screens and post that to their media archive to try to level up their gang/group/squad and asslick powerful people, while missing the reason behind their roleplay, which is to enjoy the situations that people are engaged in, and the communication that resides behind the screenshots.

    I like to dream of a server where people enjoy RPing as much as I do, but it's not always up to me to guide people or somehow persuade them to change their goals, as many are just satisfied in the thrill of killing other people and making money. It depends on the age of people, and their developed interests. Some people enjoy reading to imagine the circumstances, some people enjoy watching a movie where the circumstances are already made.

    As members of the SAES community we can only do so much to try to convince people to change their perspectives. But we have to accept the fact that some people are just not ready to be convinced yet, because it feels unrewarding to them to engage in RPs. Admins can develop an infrastructure where it is rewarding to roleplay, but we as players can also host RP events where people are rewarded money for their roles in the part. That's one way I think we can contribute to engage more RP activities, by luring out the money thirsty gremlins out there to create RPs filled with character-based dialogues and unique plots.

  • Okay, there are a few points that I disagree about this and so on... But the main thing here is... The people who are left on MTA are either experienced enough to already know that you SHOULD pay attention to other players, or are just simply too young to even try on such a task and play this game just because their computers are limited to run anything better. (Most of the new players are from the second category sadly) so I don't really think we could improve roleplay in some way, yeah, in an IDEAL world your idea would work, here... Not much we can do.

  • I am a criminal. In the end of my roleplay, I will kill you. If you act like cunt to me, I will kill you before the roleplay.when your words starting to bother me , i will kill you in the middle of roleplay. You wont respect me maybe but if you want help to community, you should start from cop side. ICE ICE BABY !

  • @nyx_ Actually we should begin from people like you who are triggerhappy and make every RP a shootout. Not every RP has to end with guns drawn, besides, have you ever thought about the cop roleplaying as a cop with an attitude? Play along, geez.

  • @nyx_ it seems like killing someone while RPing is a part of who you are, but still there are numerous ways to do "the killing" part creatively. 🙂