Register Your Political Party/Candidacy - August Elections

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  • Party Leader: Donald Trump @LAPD_Spanish_VEN

    Who the party intends to nominate for President and Vice President: Donald Trump @LAPD_Spanish_VEN (President) and Mike Pence @Ovalles (Vicepresident)

    Link to Party Manifesto:

    List of Senator Candidates for your Party:
    SF South: BobLee Swagger @Rocoso
    Red County: Owen Dlash @OwenDlash
    Flint County & Whetstone: Vladimir @chikofox
    LS West: Gonza @Gonza

    A brief outline of your party beliefs and values: Our team works with a large statistical and study group in the different areas of public demand in the region. We use a Capitalist mode of government where we work on the economy, this brings multiple benefits in all areas, however, our government will take care of all problem areas to maintain a level of control and good government administration of these areas. Our team has designed a special plan for the recovery of the problems that plague the citizens of San Andres, depending on the results of these plans and their results, we will take more measures to reach a level of success for our population.

    Our team is willing to return to the state of San Andreas, an acceptable level of public security, in addition to economic stability, this will bring harmony to our citizens.

    We must carry out a complete economic reform of the entire economic system in all areas. The civil and police classes have a low level of earnings, adding to the high level of crime, which only take advantage of robbing our citizens, if we raise wages above the earnings of criminals, and this will bring greater stability in public security. .