[suggestion] forum profile with photo gallery

  • What I came suggest here is a system of gallery for each user in his profile, so we can save ours screenshots taked in game. so everyone who accesses the profile of someone will in forum see his screenshots that he post in his photo gallery.

  • Saving a lot of screenshots takes a lot of storage. The way the forums has worked for years is that servicing user images is outsourced to services like Imgur. If you want to have a screenshot gallery we should again look at outsourcing. A solution could be to implement the option to add a Flickr. gallery to your profile do display screenshots. This Flickr. gallery would in turn be connected to your own Flickr. account and SAES won't have extra costs for hosting them.
    Alternatives to Flickr. like Google Docs and Dropbox may be even better as users can link a folder on their PC to automatically upload screenshots from the GTA:SA screenshot folder.

  • Not an album full of random photographs that i know well that the forum weighs, I'm suggesting two or three images on top of our biography where you can click to enlarge them on the profile, links do not attract anyone. in my point of view. I made a simple illustration of how i'm thinking that would be cool. Don't have a simple way of doing it?
    alt text
    Implement this in the yellow space.