[SUGGESTION] HLS Spawning At Properties To Attend a BR

  • It is extremely difficult to defend a BR when HLS members spawn directly on or near a bank. This is particularly op in combination with the current kill arrest system as HLS members can kill arrest and trade off with some BR defenders before they are killed. Once killed, they can be back in the bank within a matter of seconds with full armour.

    My suggestion is that HLS cannot spawn at properties near (<500m) the bank in order to attend a BR. This would still allow HLS members the chance to respond multiple times to an on-going BR with armour but would increase their minimum response time slightly.

    This rule could be enforced with a script.

  • Lol :waitwhat:

  • Already annoying enough when a normal cop comes into the bank interior every 2 seconds but they are at least killable but HLS with armor that's a bit too overpowered so make them walk a bit further I would say that should be a good solution for both sides

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    4.25 a.m two br at the same time 14v75 also two CLO were in BR and are you still crying about this?

  • HLS is basically a traine giving weapons and armour and the ability to spawn next to the bank makes them equal to 10 traines.

    Why the fuck should they be allowed to interfere with normal criminals if no CLO is present? Success rate blabla

    And when we call clo members to help us out we get to deal with DE as well. You're so desperate with the cop side that you make it harder for criminals over and over again.

    What you don't realize is that you cops have no activity without criminals. Most of the brs happen either late night or during mornings when there are barely cops online so you making it more boring to play as cop.

  • On the other hand Lincoln, you have no activity without cops

  • @Freezoom said in [SUGGESTION] HLS Spawning At Properties To Attend a BR:

    alt text
    4.25 a.m two br at the same time 14v75 also two CLO were in BR and are you still crying about this?

    Oh and you know why criminals doing the brs at that times because ofc they want to went out of the bank with an 8/8 success none wants to fail not you not me and none else so we need to do it when there is the minimum amount of cops that's needed online

    Because if we do it at evening at let's say 19:00 servertime no gang would do that because it would be almost a 100% fail even with the best crackers and 60 defenders lol

    So don't cry about the times we doing brs thats your own fault because of all the abilities you got there

  • Excuses and more excuses, Whats fun in doing bank robs while maybe 2 cops attend at it.

  • because hls have armor + nightstick (= ez rambo) + house spawn rule remooved, the gangs doing now brs at nights/mornings "pikatchu face meme".
    nstead doing br when copside active & it is a br with DM.
    ak: normal BR when both sides active/ alot DM VS. booring BR at mornings/nights with hls & houserespawn, but no active copside. @Lightning @Freezoom exactly, where thefuck is the fun here? but thats just the logical reaction from crimeside doing BRs now at nights, i dont like this booring BRs aswell.
    i hope i dont need to explain deeper how logic works...

    just want to say that kain owns lv bank & he alone spawning 2728239302x times as hls at his lv bank, he alone is more worth than atleast 30+ cops, if someone cant see anything wrong in here, than this person is in my eyes either superdumb or just dont care for balance at all.
    eitherway there will nothing change as usual, so nvm & go on with this bullshit if it makes someone happy that BR becoming now booring to both sides

  • Are you guys suffering from a daily braincell lose?
    Day or night, it's always 30-35 cop vs 100-160 criminal, and you still trying to make it easier for you? Criminals at every BR camping the entrance lobby and cops can't move in for like 10 mins after the BR started? and now you want HLS to spawn 500m away as if it will even matter ... and they only spawn with armor that can be easily taken off while using drugs...

    Don't say it's 30 vs 100 and fair because they spawn more than once, if you killed me once you kill me twice.. You already have your tactics, if they ain't working, improve it not fuck cops shit more than it's already fucked.

  • Or just remove bankrob :honk:

  • HLS was allowed to respond to certain banks as a balancing measure. Implementing your suggestion would work entirely against that goal.

  • I'd prefer instead to see added a cooldown of 15 seconds for respawning at properties for EVERYONE (criminals, cops, DE, CLO, HLS, other groups, civilians, etc), not only for HLS.

  • Hi,

    Unfortunately we don't take suggestions on an open forum about what rules groups should and should not have. If you have a complaint about a specific group around their rules or potential breach of their rules raise these privately to a Group Manager and they will be addressed.

    As noted by DROT, HLS have been allowed to attend BR's as part of a balancing act around the activity. Previously as stated in the announcement BR's were at around/over 90% success rate.

    HLS' attendance at these bank robberies was agreed to by the Gang Management team, Group Management team and SAES HQ. There was absolute 0 objections.

    We are continually monitoring the situation through player sentiment and statistics and we will revisit the decision to allow HLS to attend bank robberies at frequent intervals.

    I am closing off this topic as I mentioned above, suggestions around what rules groups should and should not have are not suitable for an open forum and it is somewhat misguided to think you can poll publicly what private groups can/cannot have as their rules. Much like you cannot publicy suggest what rules the mighty All Load Trucking have, the same applies for HLS.

    I know this isn't necessarily the answer you were looking for but it is the most accurate one as of now, but as I mentioned the situation is ongoing and we are constantly re-evaluating the group landscape - as shown by our recent group removals.