Solved [SUGGESTION] Mark protection at jail

  • Hello, This suggestion is about marker protection at jail, Well, If you didn't notice that if you got shot by many people, Current mark protection will not help you as you will just get killed at the same time you warp, And ofc dont forget the blackscreen that takes like 3 seconds while warping and while waiting you will just get killed, So, My suggestion is:

    • What if you made a new script that gives us a better protection, It will be about disallowing us from handling any weapon in our hands for like 3 seconds after our blackscreen gets removed, It will be fair for both sides, Neither cops will handle any weapon to kill any criminal while being at the marker and at the same time criminals will not kill cops at the door marker,

    As I see it's fair for both sides, So please, Imagine how it will be before voting, Thanks.

  • Yes always happens to me if there is a big JB , when i get in mark i found my self died already

  • Just a reminder, Adding that will make us avoid the problems between the both sides, Also if you will say "They will abuse that and run towards us so they can arrest us after the protection gets removed" The way is too long, They will have like 5 seconds till they even walk to the criminals waiting and ofc opening the door, They will be even killed before that and don't forget the other people inside opening the cells, This suggestion is 99.9% Fair for both sides, So, Think twice before voting or doing anything please.