Solved [SUGGESTION] Back old Prices for Truckers

  • Hello everyone who's reading this topic , i'm here today to suggest about prices on deffirent goods in trucking which must be for every thing u deliver like cabins , tubes , steel .. etc and each one have it's requirements in how much deliveries u need to unlock , so it must have deffirent price as old days but it's removed idk why so i recomend Community to back it and to make truckers be able to profit and enjoy at same time . i'm waitin for your comments ! 😃

  • so tbh if admins will not agree with getting back the old pay prices for Trucker at least make a new script for it and give back the Importance of having 10/25/50/75/100/200/300/500 delivery now days everything pay the same amount of money

  • @Kiroa6Ko Right !

  • If the pay is the same then there's no point, especially for the new truckers, to get many deliveries. It's really disappointing to see that Crude Oil at 500 deliveries has the same/similar pay to Wooden Pallets at 0 deliveries. If the payment is the same, there will be less incentive for truckers to get more deliveries.