• There are users who misuse the system by maliciously targeting others. I think we're a healthier community without it. It's not only SAES, there are other communities which complained to the forum software developers that the dislike feature is being massively misused, and there's no way they can stop it currently.

  • @Tut-Greco
    well, i really doubt that saes comunity become even abit healthyer just from deleting minuslikes, instead just do minuslike we have to reply with negative vibe instead to oponions we dont like.

    • its hell of fun if some people gets mad over fking likes, i mean this are just like/minuslikes, thats not money, no phisically object, nothing

    also u could just minuslike my suggest, but instead u have to reply = proof minuslikes are good : D

  • I don't think anyone likes being told a bold no, a lot of users in the past were getting upset and frustrated when being bombarded with dislikes. I think trying to be verbal in a community helps a lot.
    It seems that having the dislike button removed, really changed users mindset of having to actually post something instead of reacting to it. Some of it really boils down to human behavior, they don't like immediate rejections, they prefer to understand why.
    Adding this on top of "There are users who misuse the system by maliciously targeting others" I don't see why SAES should re-add this feature. That's my opinion.

  • ^^ feel the non existent minuslike i give to u : D
    in my eyes thats just drama queens with stick in ass wich cant get minusliked anymore, i mean who thefuck with an ok brain cares for a fking like? its just we feed drama quens how they want, abit out of topic, but thats what hapoening slowly in real life, facebook & other shit gets cencored/blocked & deleted from free speech, just because we have to tollerate drama quens wich makes from bullshit a whoole nosense drama.

    everyone got oponions ofc, no one knows 100% whats right, but idk if should make a vote or is that insta denied suggestion?

  • Toxic idiots have forced the situation where it needed to be removed.

    Blame them for ruining for everyone else, not us.

    I have no plans to bring it back, if you don't like someone, comment why or don't upvote it.