Solved [SUGGESTION] Turf Zones & Cops

  • There is an issue that worries us particularly as criminals. At Turf Zones, where is place clearly for CRIMINALS, cops are accustomed to invading and arresting people. Let's say everything "okay" ... BUT I can not understand by what logic the cops are killing the criminals. Their job is to arrest criminals and not to kill them just as we can not kill a police officer who is not chasing us. I suggest that at least as the most logic and equal treatment, if any cop who kills criminals in Turf Zone should be punished with adminjail.


  • Is there a rule that states that cops are allowed to do so? - Or even kill every criminal if he is wanted? I'm not up-to-date on the rules, but it seems like the cops have a nice free-for-all playbook if that's the case

  • I can understand they kill one or two people on difficult places to reach in order to arrest someone else, but just that. Killing everyone makes no sense in a turf.

  • What Henry says me personally If I see like 5 Crims I will kill like 3 to make it easier to arrest so no you shouldn't restricted the tactics used to by cops

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  • Actually, a police officers job is to keep the peace. Be it through an arrest or if not possible, a kill. Turf zones are not for criminals. It's property of The State of San Andreas. You guys already kill cops on the spot at turf zones even if they're just passing by, unaware.

    anything else?

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  • Well, they kill us when we are chasing them but we can't kill them when they are killing us, Make sense!

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  • It's annoying but not exactly against the rules. As cop you're violating the rules if you're targeting one side with bias, so I think the avg cop will know better. You're also violating the rules if you're not outmanned or if there's a "good" (case dependant) chance to arrest without serious bodily damage.
    Given that information it's already hypocritical for us to say that we should adminjail cops for killing at turf wars.
    I'm curious though, while it certainly is annoying to have cops interfere in my turf, is them killing me really that much worse than getting arrested? I think not.

  • The rules are very clear on this, it only needs a small amount of common sense to understand a situation and assess it.
    alt text
    The clear exception to the words "arrest first" is 'unless arresting is not an option', and after it you're given a couple of examples.

    If you want the desired effect of your suggestion, then you have to suggest that cops should not be allowed to participate in Turf Zones at all, otherwise, the rules remain unchanged and the exceptions still apply. A cop entering a turf zone is almost always outnumbered, and most definitely taking fire, it makes no sense to allow cops to enter Turf Zones then tell them 'But you can only run around and try to arrest the 50 people shooting at you, oh and you can't shoot back.'

    If you have an issue with a certain cop that's targeting you and constantly killing you, you can easily report that ingame without needing to suggest this.
    This doesn't really seem like a genuine suggestion if you're gonna use the argument 'Cops kill every criminal', because if that was actually true then you can literally get them adminjailed without this suggestion.

    To answer Tut's question, to me it seems like this suggestion isn't really because people think it's worse to get killed than arrested, it's more like... Criminals want cops to chase them instead of shoot back, that way cops become an easier target, but when cops have the ability to shoot back, they're not as easy a target because they could kill your teammate and arrest you. On the other hand, if the cop wasn't able to shoot back, the most likely thing to happen is that the cop will try to run straight to you and your teammate, making it way less risky and more easy to kill the cop.
    TL:DR, it's easier to kill a cop when he's chasing you than it is when he's shooting you. That's why they want this rule added.

  • I don't find word for cops they make cop side easy af cause that is boring.
    That's make new players or old go play in gangs not squads.

    They kill us in store robbery np because we out numbered, and they will stop it.
    But turf is crazy I can understand that if they make cops turf with us and delete turf make it safe from any gangs but like that no reason.
    alt text

  • so u want us to Rambo without killing ?! lol If I do so I will die instantly and I don't even have a chance to do something.
    btw, Do you see how much criminals are inside a turfzone? This Idea is not gucci at all

  • I’m not sure who suggested giving cops the ability to turf by turning the zone neutral. But I agree with that 100%

    Cops don’t have much to do already. So instead of punishing them for killing in turfs, just allow them to turn zones neutral already. Obviously the ability to tase and arrest wouldn’t be allowed. But it will solve a lot of suggestions I’ve been seeing lately regarding cops and turfs.

  • What about removing our weapons ! Can you stop crying for 1 day .

  • Okay okay I see that my suggestions achieved their purpose with your reactions. Do you know something? The areas that criminals are fighting should belong ONLY to criminals. Let's start with that. I see many of you crying that you can't deal with 50 criminals (for example) in one zone. So guess what, if you can't, DON'T come. The criminals in a zone are not all allies. There is deceit, competition and much more. Nevertheless, we cooperate and leave behind any disagreement we have between us to deal with the police. This is called teaming my dear cops something which you have no idea what it means.
    Because you are incapable of understanding and organizing something together (as we do) you have some privileges from the admins which have absolutely no sense.I will not give you ideas on how you should act as a policeman. It is obvious. Instead of defending your disability and crying over admins, suggest something first so that when you stop a bank robbery, for example, you get paid. You deserve it and congratulations if you do. Easy huh? Now put your mind to work and think about how the squads work together so that you can deal with a situation with criminals. At the same time, a group of people from different sides came into the zone with a helicopter in the center of the battle (use your flashbangs and boom). Easy ? This was the first example that came to my mind very easily. You have a lot to think about.Again, however, your disability is not our problem, despite all the advantages you have.

  • When I used to do Shop Robberies as a cop or turf wars, my main objective was to kill so my teammates has easier time arresting. If you use lethal force against a cop, be sure it will be returned.

  • @Leb said in [SUGGESTION] Turf Zones & Cops:

    Do you know something? The areas that criminals are fighting should belong ONLY to criminals. Let's start with that. I see many of you crying that you can't deal with 50 criminals (for example) in one zone.

    So if we cant deal you , that's mean we are weak ! so why you trying to make us more weak ?
    Did you see any cop Suggesting or crying in forums for changing the scripts to make other side more weak ? nope, only you Crims .


    alt text

  • @Albie said in [SUGGESTION] Turf Zones & Cops:

    If you want the desired effect of your suggestion, then you have to suggest that cops should not be allowed to participate in Turf Zones at all,

    Yea that's a good suggestion all over. Restrict them cops entering the active turf zones (Like the ones being attacked/defended at any given time) and killing/arresting the participants. We already have a lot of competition in turfs as crims trying to attack or defend; I just don't want another pain in ass as cops invading there.

  • Turf is an activity for cops as much as it is for gangs, similar to BRs. Their role is to respond to an area of criminal activity and halt their progress. The fact that gangs also fight each in addition to defending against the police does not equal a solely criminal activity. Additionally this would further limit an already limited gameplay experience of an average cop, by restricting them from entering certain areas of the map at different times.

    In regards to cops killing turf participants, same rules apply as anywhere else on the map. Attempt to arrest before killing unless the person is at a hard to reach place. Not adhering to these rules can already lead to punishments, there is no need for a separate yet identical rule for turfs.