Biased Staff? Improper?

  • I am playing as an officer, I am patrolling then chase a suspect. I then get randomly rammed from the back of my car, then the suspect and cop who rammed me stop. The cop shoots my tires, and then chases the suspect. I report the cop, and go on with my day.

    I then randomly get adminjailed, I cant see the admin named who jailed me, and the admin wont talk to me, explain, or not even 1 word about why besides the reason for revenge DM. I was jailed for revenge DM and some random person in mainchat said they reported me and I killed a trainee when I dont even remember this. I ask for logs, proof, evidence, and I get nothing. No evidence, no admin to talk to me, no nothing. So I sit here in SAFP with a warning for not even knowing why I was admin jailed.

    Basically overall, the issue is the admin who jailed me is biased at this time, and only takes 1 sides in reports. Maybe they dont like the official squad I am in? Maybe the person was their friend? I dont know but can someone help me get to the bottom of this ? If I am shown evidence of my "Revenge DM" I will apologize and delete this thread and be quiet. But right now I am very upset, didnt DM or revenge DM, and would appreciate some help from a staff member who cares about community service.

    Thank you,

  • "I'm innocent I did nothing, reeeeeeeee"

    The story told over the centuries by everyone adminjailed.

    And yet...

  • I didnt DM him, he took that after popping my tires and getting in his car after I aim at him. So admins here are okay with taking action with 1 sided screen shots with insufficient evidence? I was accused of revenge DM and killing this player. I was told it was in the logs. What logs? So players can be admin jailed and told they are broken rules from bias screen shots? no dispute? And on top of revenge DM, why is no action taken against him for the DM that I supposedly revenged? Makes no sense here

  • He was jailed also, you're making a lot of assumptions without knowing what was and was not said to the other party.

    Either way feel free to PM a SAES HQ if you have a problem with a Staff member, namely myself.

    I am however, quite confident, that you were both at fault here. The logs proved it which have since been deleted and no copy is kept (despite me constantly asking for copies, I am assured it would take up too much space) however the screenshot was kindly provided on Imgur, a third party site hence why I have a copy of that.

    I feel I've sufficiently addressed your concerns, sorry if you feel hard done by but we can't investigate absolutely every report so we tend to not investigate the ones that are slam dunks.

  • What I have gotten from this mainly, is that you will take reports and make final decisions based on what you see, without fact checking? I mean if someone is going to post a complaint. report an official squad or an official gang member wouldnt you want to take more investigation, rather than confidence?

    Sure this might not be a super serious game at all, its fact paced, and action packed. But I am sitting here with a warning in my official squad because lack of investigation. I dont feel like reporting you, or getting you in trouble just because you didnt review an entire case and made a mistake. So even if this doesnt get resolved to how I want, I am not going to a saes hq..

    Since logs are out of the question, and there isn't sufficient evidence, I think it would be fair to void this, on both sides, kiki's and mine. I should not have a warning in my official squad.

  • I understand your concern, I can see why you feel slighted. I stand by my decision however.

    In terms of the warning with SAFP you should appeal it with them.

    While I do not think I made a mistake here, gangs and squads should realise that people get jailed all the time for minor offences, this does not reflect negatively on your squad unless you accrue multiple punishments externally without being punished internally.

    Warnings should not be given out for one-time minor offences.

    As I said though, this is a matter to take up with your squad leadership, I cannot speak to the inner workings of SAFP and their disciplinary procedure.

    I would be happy to discuss this issue with anyone from your squad however, provided it is privately done. Discussing this in open doesn't resolve any issues or help anyone, it just furthers what I now consider to be a closed incident.

    Daryl#5857 is my Discord, feel free to message me.

    Good night.

  • Right , I read everything , I too think the warning was unnecessary , @Freeeeman I will see what I can do about the warning and @Joe thanks for clearing this out.