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  • 1-Personal Informations
    a.Ingame Name & Real Name:raf
    b.Account Name: raefmlaih
    c.Age: 12
    d.Nationality: tunisie
    e.Rate Your English Level (1-10): 7
    f.Tell us about yourself :my name is raef surname is mlaih
    im from tunisie/sousse i am studying i am in the holiday now and i speak arabic
    g.Do you have teamspeak or discord :i have ts
    2-Ingame Informations
    a.How long have you been playing on SAES: since 2017
    b.Tell us about your saes carrier : From the first I could not play but with the help of my older brother and some of my friends I was able to play skillfully and respect hq. However, all my friends love me and help me with money

    c.Previous gang or squads(include leaving reason): thelost mc deleted,hell soldiers deleted
    d.Have you ever been banned from SAES(if yes please explain): no
    e.What Does DM mean and give an example: kill without a reason,: Deathmatch is damaging someone or a car without any valid reason.
    f.What Does Roleplay mean and give an example: play like u act in reallife
    g.What Does Avoid Arrest mean and give an example: Avoiding arrest is escaping the cops who are chasing you in an illegal way like suicide or logging-off. the difference between them that gate-avoid is entering a gated base that only your class have access to open it so the cop won't be able to enter
    h.Tell us 3 of Bank Robbery Rules:1-one gang is allowed to do maximum 2 gang robs per day 2-camping the entrance of a bank once a br has started is not allowed 3-assisting your own gang as a medic and or pizzaboy is not allowed
    i.Tell us 3 of Turf Rules:1-you can only use your gang spawn orthe hospital spawn when a turfwar is going on 2-you are not allowed to spawn medic or cop to asist you gang in a turfwar 3-you are not alloweed to camp on unclimbable rooftops
    j.Tell us 3 of Gang Robbery Rules:1- no grenades tobe at gangrob at all this includes using vehicles as explosives 2-you are not allowed to be rob alone 3- squads are permitted to arrest
    3-Additional Informations
    a.A Character Backstory ( must be suit for our role ) : Another day was coming and the day started. cripz The phone was ringing... and we got a call from a rich man that he wants some drugs from us. We decided to smuggle some drugs for him if he pays. So we arranged the place and we met there. As long as we kept waiting for him we smoked a cigarette and he finally came. We slowly and safely talked about the money. First of all he said he wants to see the drugs. We modestly explained to him, if he wants to see his drugs then better to give the money. He finally grabbed his own money and threw it towards me. We took the money from the ground. So, we went inside the house and let him see the drugs. Everything was there as he expected and wanted. In the end of this he came to my colleague and asked for his phone number. Because he liked and appreciated us and our drugs and he said he will call us again.
    b.Explain CripZ’s roleplay with your own words:i think cripz gang very good at drugs dealing in san andreas and i know they are breaks car down so they sell expensive prices pieces of cars and i heard they bring moonshine from abroad they find the head 🙂
    c.Why do you want to join CripZ: im an experienced and skilled player that can bring to CripZ all his efforts and power i'm a loyal,respected and faithful person that can support gang's members and help them .i keep helping and hanging with CripZ and doing all efforts and showing my skills to join this gang and i want to because really i like the teamwork and the activity of this gang also i know many members in CripZ and They are friendly .CripZ for me it's not a just gang it's my big family
    d.Why should we accept you: I do not think there is a special reason to accept me but i have already a gang inreallife so i can share my experiences with you and if you want to see a roleplayer man in the your gang he is me. Maybe after i join cripz being more fun and more exicitng bankrobs,gangrobs etc. Waiting us together.
    e.What is your strenghts roleplay,escape from cops,cracking,driving ,shooting
    f.What is your weaknesses: sniper,flying,dealing
    g.Post your screens when you hanging with CripZ(use spoiler):[spoiler]https:no

  • hey bro if you want to join cripz you can apply here --->

  • This should not be here

  • If this is 7/10 English in Tunisia, then they must be very bad at it. Also, just stop. You're 12 years old and you still don't know how to apply for something after being told 50 times. I'm not sure what's wrong with you, but I'm quite done with seeing your stupid applications everywhere around the forums. Figure out how to do it, or go back to the playground.