Versace's Application for ZIP

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    Part 1 - Personal Information

    Nickname: Versace
    Username: kinggamer
    Real name: Lewis
    Gender: Male
    Age: 18
    Nationality: Italian, Ethiopian, Armenian, and American
    English skills: Mother tongue. However, I sometimes misspell when typing fast.
    Other languages: Amharic, a bit of French, and a bit of Italian
    Tell us about yourself: For starters, my nationality is quite confusing so I'm more than happy to explain in game/private about it. I'm in university so once September rolls around I wont be as active as I currently am, but still pretty active. I'm also very open minded.

    Part 2 - In-game Information

    How long have you been playing on SAES? Since 2014, but went inactive in 2015, came back a little more than a month ago. (I finally got access to my old forum account.)
    Have you ever been banned? I've asked an admin to check my history and he said that I have not been banned before. (On my old forum, I wrote that I have been banned which is incorrect as I never had to appeal and as checked by the admin. I'm clean)
    Current Gang/Squad and rank: Black Bullets, lvl 1- Technical Assassin
    Current Group memberships: Cuban Cars, Outbreak Organization, Lounge VC
    Rate your building skills on a scale of 1/10: 7/10
    Rate your RP skills on a scale of 1/10 : 8/10
    Rate you creativity level: 8/10

    Part 3 - ZIP Questions

    Why do you want join us? I've seen plenty of architectural pieces done by ZIP members and I was always astonished by the quality of their work. I've also been helped a lot by ZIP members for RP constructions, and that's what motivated me to apply. I would like the ability to help people with RP's as well as express my creativity through building.
    Why should we accept you? Once I set a goal for myself I will not stop until I achieve it. I am very determined, hard working, and consistent. I am also pretty active. My building skills are currently not the best, however I will be sure to improve that every chance I get.
    How do you respond to criticism from a superior? I'm a very calm person and will never get mad at anyone giving me constructive criticism nor will my attitude towards that person change. Ever if it is not a superior I will hear them out.

    Part 4 - Application Backstory

    A lot of my Builds/Rp's will be connected to this backstory.

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    Title: Social-distancing Classroom
    Date: 28/06/2020
    Description: Education is a key factor in life. Therefore It was the first socially distant construction I created. I had help from @Rick and @Bodo420 in order to get their opinions and also suggestions on it. Students would still wear a mask and the rooms would be provided with air-condition. Since the students would not be outside as often we built windows in order for them to receive their vitamin D. We also built bookshelves in order to minimize the risk of other students getting it.
    We built a spacious classroom to allow students to move around as they please while also avoiding contact. The main idea behind this was to construct a classroom where students got their essential needs.

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    Title: Kind of Social-distancing Parking lot
    Date: 29/06/2020
    Description: I went to construct a parking lot which also in a way was social-distancing friendly. However, I was struggling at first. So I called my friend @Bodo420 who was relatively experienced with architectural buildings. we built the base of the parking lot before taking a coffee break. After our break we saw my friends manager @DaLi and asked if he could assist us. He was free so he agreed to help us by consulting, building, and teaching. We explained what we were planning on building and he gave his input then started assisting us.

    It could be used as a parking lot to then go to the mall or people park inside and get their vehicles repaired by professional mechanics. During this time, they are welcome to sit in our waiting room where snacks and drinks are available. Due to Social distancing we allow 2 different parties in the waiting room which is ventilated at all times. @Colo had been stuck in traffic, however showed up when and assisted us with the work.

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    Title: Isolated above ground hideout.
    Date: 29/06/2020
    Participants: Jhonny
    While I was planning to build the community back up. I got a call and was requested to build hideout. I arrived and started discussing with Mr. Jhonny. From the looks of it, he was an assassin for hire so he had a lot of money and offered to pay for all the resources I would need to build his hideout. As for the location, he requested it to be somewhere secluded and high, out of sight and reach from the naked eye.

    So I started to scout high locations which building wouldn't be a problem at. I found a location at the bottom of the map. Thankfully, this area had oak tree around which is known to be the strongest type of tree. It was tricky at first but I managed to reach a high altitude while also connecting the platform to core parts of the tree. I made sure the base was strong and since he requested a relatively small hideout, I was able to defy gravity and not destroy the trees and or platform.

    The hideout was hidden between trees and also had an amazing view of the ocean especially when the sun rises/falls. He said he wasn't going to be there much, only when he had to be on special missions, therefore I added some crates for him to place his weapon and or ammunition. as requested a queen sized bed and a surround sound system which he can connect to his devices in order to enjoy. Since it was high in the sky. the only way to reach there would be with a helicopter therefore I added a landing zone for him. There were no need of doors since no one would ever reach there easily, and even if they did, he had requested not to have many objects as he would only go there for privacy or when on a mission. There is an upstairs next to the helipad. It's an area without a roof and only surrounded by glass. There is a bar inside it and some seating areas in case he decides to bring coworkers or lady friends.

    There was no need for a roof in order to enjoy the sun and or wind. However, just in case it would rain I also provided some sheets to cover the bar. Since this area is all the way in the sky. getting electricity or water would be nearly impossible without being noticed. Therefore, the speakers were powered by batteries and well nature was his bathroom.


    (I could have taken better Screenshots of the place but I was in a hurry since I was getting ping warnings relatively fast until I got kicked 5 minutes after my last Screenshot.)

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    Title: Card stacking
    Date: 30/06/2020
    Description: While I was planning on my next communal construction. I decided to take a break and start card stacking. At first I thought it would be easy, my first attempt was a mockery as the "cards" were not relatively equal to each other. So I tore everything down and restarted. I started off with the floor to set equal footing. I then proceeded to place cards(wall 1) horizontally across in order to lay out an even sculpture. After awhile I got used to creating the cards diagonally which didnt seem so hard. However, trying to find a way to put another horizontal piece above the diagonal cards was pretty difficult. When putting the diagonal cards, I tried to put them abit further than the base so in the end it would indicate which way was the front and back.

    As I calculated the card stack took exactly 50 objects which was good, however trying to fix some objects later made it really difficult because after removing some pieces to reach high enough to replace, going back to replace the original piece took a long time.


    P.s. I tried to put them in a spoiler put it refused to work, i'm not sure why so here is the link.

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    Title: DNA strand
    Date: 01/07/2020
    Description: At first I used the cement block to try and create the DNA strand, but this was flawed because I wasn't able to accurately measure the distance between the blocks. I tried jumping once and moving 1 step forward. But this got hard at the turning points. So instead I used the cargo box 1 to create it, plus it had some red which was kind of a bonus.

    I started with placing 1 block down then using the top view option to accurately measure the sculpture. There was a black line in the middle of the block which I used to measure as well as placing the block on the second line where the patterns crossed. This simplified my job in measuring and creating the DNA strand which was relieving at the end. The sculpture looked very odd from the ground so I took screens from the air to capture the better side of it.


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    Title: ZIP building and chilling
    Date: 09/07/2020
    Description: I've been trying to think of my next move and it hasn't been easy, since I'm trying to avoid building the normal things. Luckily I was in game for a ZIP build and chill activity. It went really well, I was able to start my new project unfortunately I wasn't able to finish it in the spot, due to an irl emergency which needed me to be afk for awhile. It is alright since I will finish this project in the next coming days, making it more even and trying to add new ideas towards it. Also thanks to all the ZIP managers/Workers who were there.

    To be honest, I still have no clue what it is i'm building. Kind of just going with the flow to see what can come out of it.