Tuemack's Ban Appeal

  • Nickname: Tuemack, OGTyree
    Username: xwolf
    Ban Date: 15th February, 2020
    Banned By: SAES HQ
    Your MTA:SA serial: 5ABA448477A63E7AE521D7FC15DED0E2
    Ban Reason: Toxicity, I assume
    Why should we unban you?:

    I would like to start off that I have upmost guilt for the toxicity I had caused around and the rages that I had done.

    All of it started when I saw my organization getting demoted. I, as a HQ of the organization had worked really hard to get to this position. I thought the blame was on the SAES team for doing this and never looked back at the ones that had caused the SAES team to react like that. Upon this all sorts of emotions crossed my mind I went full berserk mode and raged at the SAES team because all the efforts I had given into getting my organization to a good position was simply gone.
    After that I had a revision about everything that happened. Then, I with genuine honesty felt guilty for what I have done. I realised that the SAES team just did their job by punishing rulebreakers and it was my bad to react in that way. I took SAES way too serious although it's supposed to be fun.

    I know it is incredibly late from my side to realise all of it just now. I would like to apologize to everyone who had been insulted or had received any treaths by me on my emotional spree. It was all made up to look big and looking back I looked like a fool.

    Also an additional involvement:
    I did not cheat with the trainer here by I provide proofs. The only reason why I defended trainer users was due to mixed up emotions.

  • This post is deleted!
  • Banned by @Kain with the reason "Threats/Trainer abuse."