re:ICEIImmigration et customs Enforcement
By Raf0, in Blackhole

  • Username: raefmlaih
    Account name: raf
    Age: 14
    Gender: male
    Nationality: tunisie
    Languages: Arabic/English
    English skills (1-10): 7
    Do you use Teamspeak: no
    Tell us about youself: my name is raef mlaih im 14 year old im from tunisia i love mta im good in cop .

    In-Game Experience:

    How long you play SAES/RPG: 1 year
    How long you play MTA: 1 year
    How long you play every day: 10 hours
    How much in-game hours do you have: 300 hours
    Previous Gang/Squad/Company: was SAES : RDMC . KSA
    Why did you leave : RIP
    Have ever been banned before: no
    Reason for ban: N/A

    Misc Information

    Your strengths: Making arrests
    Your Weaknesses: im not good with driving
    Why did you decide to join our squad: Because I love i.c.e police and I love chasing criminals and this is an energetic band

    Explain why we should accept you:
    Because I will be active and good
    Who Recommended you applying for ICE: SAM

    Rules Knowledge

    Did you read the F1 rules:yes
    Did you read the Squad rules: yes
    Are you allowed to arrest/kill in Hospital: no
    Are you allowed to arrest/kill in events?: no
    Is marker arrest allowed: no
    Explain what is marker arrest:arresting people in door like a store robbery and bank
    Explain what is Death-matching: People were deliberately killed

    Explain ICE Rule 2: i wont arrest people with less than 10 stars
    Explain ICE Rule 3: dont kill or arrest cops
    Explain ICE Rule 10: I'll try to avoid killing criminals because I should respect other players