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May them rotten in hell

You know, life sometimes may not be as easy as it looked while we were kids. We all, as we were little ones, fancied an easy life which included money,houses and a whole bunch of super-cars. We dreamed of becoming huge movie superstars or mega-atheletes but non of that was in Sanchez's mind. As he was a little kid, having been raised from a foster family, yup his real father was a drug addicted so he died at his early ages leaving a non suitable mom at his place dumping baby-Sanchez in a junkyard, he tried to inherit the principels his foster family tried to give him. But non of that would make sense, the hustle was in his veins and he definitely could not just ignore that. As a late teanager, he face a lot of trouble with school. Low grades, getting into trouble with his classmates and even being involed on a local liquor store shoptheft. As the time passed and the criminal activities raised, the first time he faced the law came. He was convicted into 17 years of jail time for the attempt of murder,due to the good lawyer of his it got reduced to 10 years and got out in 7 due to good behavior. He was 27, he didn't have a job, he didn't have a place to stay and definitely nothing to eat, so he had to take his life into his own hands. He phoned an old friend of his and told him that he had to meet him ASAP. They met at a local bar were they had a good talk. His friend talked him into the little gang of his were he could make a living but hell, that was not good enough. One day Ernesto, his friend, called Sanchez telling him they had been planning a big heist were his help was needed. His role? He would be the get away driver. They got into the jewerlly shop they'd be robbing and as soon as they got in Sanchez made sure he had his engine running. As soon as they got in shot started to fly, it was a bloody hell. Almost half an hour passed, shot stopped flying and for sure noone was coming out the shop. Sanchez thought of himself that something wrong was happening, so he waited for a little while, leaving the crime scene as the LSPD arrived. A few blocks away, they managed to stop Sanchez's car and of course arrested him. He was sentenced into 10 years. After a couple of years a stranger approached Sanchez in the courtyard, he said that he had something important to tell him. What he said? Well, the old fella of his, Ernesto, had set him up. Whilel Sanchez was waiting in the car for em to return they had already left using the side door were they had another car waiting for em. They used him as a bait, in order for them to escape non bothered by the authority. As Sanchez was rottening inside jail bars they were living highlife into Vinewoods villas. Noone knows what Sanchez had in mind that time, but one thing is for sure, vengeance is the only thing waiting for him outside.