• ***I actually dk this suggestion about script but you guys should add some cars, as like alpha's. Mustang GT (alpha) is still best usefull car since gt added to alpha.
    You guys should add something as like that. Bored from Gta SA's normal cars.
    (If you add more than 2 at recently ı mean at same times, players maybe won't like it'n, it wil be sux. ***

  • Just a question, why dont you mod yourself the vehicles you want then, because they are all about personal preference/taste and not all players may agree with a car being modded for example. Also I guess they need to be careful with the MB they occuping.

    I think votes should be made to see how many from the community agree with a certain vehicle being modded, other than that, my opinion is just to keep then vanilla/un-modded and put the mods ourselves.

  • Dude ı dont like mod din cars. I just want for everyone sees car s and can use same. But thx for advice.

  • Fair play. Let's just say not everyone likes mods being added to GTA:SA because they like the original nostalgic feeling of the game. Me myself would love to see more mods being added.

  • @human_
    I'm on the same page with you.