Fenter90's Application For ZIP [STAGE 2]

  • Personal information :

    Name: Muzaffer
    Age: 16
    Country: Iraq
    Primary Language: Arabic.
    Other Languages: English and Turkish.
    Tell us about yourself: Hello! My name is Muntazar, i was born on the First of September. 2005. Since i have low Laptop, i love to play Old games like GTA SA, CS:S, etc..

    InGame Information :
    Your nickname: [ROGUE]fenter90
    Your username: fenter1
    Current Organisation: Rogue 21
    Past squad/gang/companies: HRMC, CDL, Rebels and SAFP

    • HRMC. I didn't leave the gang got deleted.
    • CDL. I Didn't leave the gang got deleted.
    • Rebels, i had personal Problems with the leader.
    • SAFP, I got kicked because of some misunderstood, anyway i was going to leave the cop-side

    How long have you being playing MTA?: 2013-2014
    How long have you being playing SAES?: 2015-2016

    You & ZIP:

    Why you want to join ZIP: Well, When i first joined SAES, back in 2015-2016, i always wanted to join ZIP, and show my creativity. I didn't know English well back then. But now, I see that i have all the requirements to join ZIP and show off my Creativity.
    Why should ZIP let you Join?: Well, I don't have much to say. They should let me join because, I'm a active member, I can help the Applicants and the people who needs ZIP's help, I can provide Roleplays and Activities.

  • Build #1
    Title: Small meeting room.
    ZIP Members: @ZoRo
    Date: Friday, ‎June ‎05, ‎2020

    (link edited. Nvm the trash, i couldn't remove it)

  • Build #2
    Title: Workshop & Carshow and bar place.
    ZIP Members: @hope
    Date: Sunday, ‎June ‎14, ‎2020,

  • Build #3
    Title: Small Restaurant & Bar with a dance floor
    ZIP Members: @ZoRo
    Date: Wednesday, June 10, 2020

  • alt text
    Roleplay #1
    Title: Complex blueprint
    ZIP Members: @FTH
    Date: Wednesday, June 17, 2020

  • Build #4
    Title: The Office that was mentioned in the Roleplay
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Tuesday, ‎June ‎16, ‎2020|

    (( I built 2 offices so yea, both r the same but with some changes))

  • Build #5
    Title: A bar with view on the forest
    ZIP Members: @hope
    Date: Tuesday, ‎June ‎9, ‎2020

  • Build #6
    Title: Small Fashion Show place
    ZIP Members: @FTH (the one who gave me the idea)
    Date: Monday, ‎June ‎22, ‎2020

  • Build #7
    Title: Small LMS area
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Thursday, ‎June ‎25, ‎2020

  • Helping Rick with his build.
    @Rick said in Rick's Application for ZIP:

    alt text
    Title: Fashion Show
    Date: 27.06.2020
    Description: Today I was with @fenter , I started to build a fashion show,but my limit was not enough,so I called @fenter and He helped me.Big thanks Fenter

  • Build #8
    Title: A Big restaurant with a special Area for VIP
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Tuesday, June 30, 2020

    I couldn't finish it, because i've reached the limit (50 objects) and there was not ZIP to help. the plan was to make a Big restaurant with a speical Area fro VIP

  • Build #9
    Title: Bar/restaurant With a Storage room
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Thursday, July 2, 2020

  • Build #10
    Title: Camp in the forest.
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Thursday, July 5, 2020

    I went to to the forest to cut some woods. for my new house. but the night came, so i deiced to camp in the forest till the morning comes.

  • Build #11
    Bar, with a DJ place
    ZIP Members: @hope
    Date: Thursday, July 8, 2020

  • Build #12
    Title: Poor tree house.
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: Thursday, July 14, 2020

  • alt text

    You've been doing a great job so far and therefore we have decided that you may move on to the next stage.

    In this stage you will firstly need to create a blueprint by either using: blueprint maker , paint or any other program you prefer.

    As following you will need to build your created blueprint ingame with the public worker spawn. (Las Venturas -> Civillian -> Worker)

    Once both tasks are finished, please share them on your application topic.

    Make sure to include images and an description.

    (Don't forget to keep roleplaying in the meantime too.)

    Good luck.

    On behalf of ZIP HQ Team,

  • My blueprint project
    Title: Small house, 2 bedrooms, 1 office, 1 room, and kitchen.
    ZIP Members: @hope , @Rick
    Date: 7/19/2020
    Blueprint: Click me!
    3D View: Click me!
    Orbit View: Click me!
    Ingame view:

    Huge Thank to Rick for helping me with my blueprint, and Also Huge Thank to Hope for Helping me building the blueprint ingame, thank you guys.

  • Build #13
    Title: A small bridge.
    ZIP Members:
    Date: 7/20/2020

    Due the amount of the farmers lives there, We made a project to build a bridge there. to help the people who lives there and make the Transportation Easier for them. God bless all the farmers :3

  • Build #14
    Title: Classroom
    ZIP Members:
    Date: 7/20/2020

    We add too many tables so student can hide when there's school shooting going on :honk:

  • Build #15
    Title: Smol cute bar
    ZIP Members: -
    Date: 7/29/2020
    Video/Screenshots:alt textalt textalt text
    I tried to be creative, and use my imagination to build a Bar with the lamp and the party posts.