• SAES should allow racing groups, stunts or drift to modify their cars with neon lights and put radios in their vehicles or at least 1 radio per group.

    [poll title="ALLOW NEON / MUSIC IN DRIFT GROUP" maxvotes="1"]

    • Yes
    • No
  • Fuck my Life 😢

  • where is the No button please

  • that gona be so annoying... imagine just 5 players of that group playing random songs lmao
    its gona belike jfju2iocoqoxueh isjxjeiciiskebcisozoorgovjvr. so no
    we already have the radios that u can play or u can play music using URL links and let the others who is inside u r car hear it
    and if that drift group gotta big activity just call a Sa radio member to play some songs for u ^-^

  • NAH FUCK IT...

  • @Kiroa6Ko remember that they can only put SAES radios, not even administrators can put custom music and for that reason I said one radio per group at least.

  • @Kiroa6Ko and in case people don't like it, just add an option to stop listening to music in the area is added.

  • Fix your poll

  • LMAO first of.. all admins have Blaster that they can play any music they want on it (by puting the URL link )
    secondly.. you said (1 radio per group) that mean even Squad and gangs members gona start requesting it i said before we already have sa andreas radio Group and Brothers of metal both of them got radio and they stream on it if u their Van / DFT get closer to u ... u will hear the music that they are playing
    last but not least fix your poll

  • Would be complet cancer also since some groups as mentioned above where given that ability so they could have something special and unique then utilize them and request them or check if an admin is available at that time lvx with 5 different groups streaming fucking god knows what yeh really nice

  • no

  • I tried to fix the poll and what got worse haha. but nvm it doesn't matter I'm just giving you an idea since even if it's a poll the GM's do whatever they want.

  • you tried mate, but it sucks. thanks for your efforts trying to improve this're like a soldier to me ❤
    huge ass no.since this doesn't have a pool