Reporting tut for use panel against me

  • when JB is over and i come back to try to do JB again i find two cops outsid one from SAFP and Tut
    then i killed safp one , and tut killed me with m4 in the same time u can see that in log ..
    after i spawn in my house near jail again and i come back and i kill tut with sniper ... finaly he prefer tu give me admin jail without talk to me and also really he act like a retard in mainchat with me
    So M.@Tut-Greco when you arrest me or killed me is allowed !!! and when i kill u in order to create a safe access road to jail isn't allowed ???? a simply after JB over and ur work over u can leave this aera i mean outsid of the jail

    i amn't surprised when see a lot of retarded people who play cops cry and make report all time for stupid reason because actually their role model is kanker admins like tut

    i know SAES HQ they will do nothing because of that and because of my history in saes which fucked by tut and other kanker like him but just i want to tell this ( i change my acc in game with new serial 3 time since 2012 in order to start new reputation and this time really it's time to stop i don't intend to repeat this or continue playing with this shit isn't my fault and i hope this not be repeated with another player because it's really very annoying

  • This post is deleted!
  • This post is deleted!
  • There's no jailbreak happening and this was confirmed in radio also. If you need to jailbreak, go inside, don't shoot any cop on the street. That's not considered defending the jailbreak. Adding to this it's pointless to shoot officers leaving in their vehicle hence your adminjail reads 'shooting officers unprovoked'.

    You admitted your mistake in mainchat, so why bother making a report with that in mind.
    [13:48] Z|Kuby.,: Why Tuuut
    [13:48] SAFP|Aurora: Wasn't an active JB
    [13:48] Z|Kuby.,: tuuuuut i try to do jb fuck you
    [13:48] SAES>Tut: there was no jb
    [13:48] SAFP|Aurora: You're on top of the apartments you lying fuck
    [13:48] SAES>Tut: even then, thats way too far away to start a jb from
    [13:48] Z|Kuby.,: bro are you fucking kidding me ?
    [13:49] SAES>Tut: dont be a twat
    [13:49] Z|Kuby.,: you are so retard

    Take a break and play by the rules.
    alt text

  • u was outside like a retard looking for reason for use ur panel and i'm not stupid for kill you and kill SAFP|Aurora he was waiting for me to enter for ez arrest and u know that
    after JB over i say in ( teamchat ) i will come back again
    Conclusion : my reason i will do JB and i must kill you for do that 🙂
    and you can add new rule ( when u see cop show him ur ass let him have sex with you )

  • also oneday i remember DROT he give me adminjail reason ( fakereport) and when ask about that he send me pm )

    alt text

    DROT PM>(with ur punishment history , u should very happy right now because it isn't a ban )

    So my problem with my punishment history It can't be full of this shit no pleaase ahaha

  • @Kuby said in Reporting tut for use panel against me:

    u was outside like a retard looking for reason for use ur panel and i'm not stupid for kill you and kill SAFP|Aurora he was waiting for me to enter for ez arrest and u know that

    We cleared the jail and were idling outside for roughly 20 seconds before running back to our helicopter. You respawned at that point and started gunning us down when we were going to leave.

    @Kuby said in Reporting tut for use panel against me:

    after JB over i say in ( teamchat ) i will come back again
    Conclusion : my reason i will do JB and i must kill you for do that 🙂

    What you're doing is not an attempt to take back the jail. The streets outside is not part of the jail. It would make sense to me that you killed the cops outside if they were running into the jail, but not away from the jail. Spawning near jail to kill cops is differnent from spawning to aid jailbreak.

    i think that's all there is to it?

  • no sorry i kill SAFP|Aurora in front of the prison door and you kill me also in front of the prison door and i come back and i kill you again also in f r o n t o f p r i s o n d o o o o R ( door = marker )


    sorry because i'm act like that but is freedom of expression and i'm not hypocrite for come and make drama here ^___^

  • Fuck off you cunt.

  • As the second officer involved during this, let me give my viewpoint if you don't mind kind sir.

    The jailbreak was completed and officers were moving away from the area. I stopped once I saw Tut near the area and was getting ready to just leave the area when I spotted you on the rooftops of the adjacent apartment complex. I opened fire on you as you started shooting at me - so to be fair you opened fire FIRST, officers were NOT chasing you and a JB was NOT ongoing. To go with a statement Tut said - "How could you start a JB from that far of a distance?" < How do you intend to start a new jailbreak....when you're on top of the apartment complex? You are not technically inside the jail perimeter and hence had no regulation to kill me.

    Tut was inside his car the entire time and never made an attempt to open fire on you from my view - so you killed a 2nd cop who wasn't chasing you. Yes, I was in the jail area but how do you know my intentions? You're a good guy and all but you just made a simple mistake - we all do. I apologize for using the F-bomb towards you but the breach was over with for a good period of time...I get it if you were like on the road or down from the jail and wanted a clear shot to the jail itself - but on top of the apartments has no logical thinking dude. Tut was inside his vehicle getting ready to leave as the SAPA Guidelines doesn't give them the regulation to idle at the jail to try and bait criminals...lastly, if you wanted to start a JB why would you do it from such a far distance, take for example that myself or Tut could respawn as Prison Wardens and rush you - as the amount of time it takes for you to run down and jump the wall is more than enough to arrest you outside or inside the holding area.

  • i don't killed you because i'm stupid or retard
    i killed u the first time near the marker right !! when you try to tazed me after i in .. then tut killed me ..
    so of course i can't in to the jail if you are near marker camping
    and any criminel try to do JB he must to kill you for in , because actually he can't risk for got jailed
    and when someone kill you in order to in to do JB just i don't understand why all time find a stupid reason ..
    With all this i'm right because
    (1 you are not AFK ----- 2 you are chasing me .... 3 if you don't want DM leave this aera simply 🙂 )
    so i'm right and all is clear in log ( fuck ur opinion ) ty ^^

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  • @Kuby this seems like you are grasping at imaginary straws.

    You mention "kanker" a few times and its apparent that it also describes your attitude, which quite frankly stinks.

    Don't see any admin abuse here, as you have not provided any substantial proof (word of mouth isnt enough), so I'm not taking this any futher.

    All I suggest before you carry on playing is to sort your attitude out.