• Divines bless you, friends.

    I should've probably made an introduction thread back in 2012? But I never had the energy to do so anyway but most of us are quarantined right now and I haven't played MTA in ages so I thought I'd come back and formally introduce myself to the community. I started playing MTA back in ~2010 (I believe) when I was just 6, partaking in a role-play community called Valhalla Gaming, I could barely speak English but I managed to learn the basics very quickly and I joined a "faction" including around 15 members which helped me around MTA and were very friendly to me. The server shut down in 2012 as far as I can possibly remember lol, and I decided to try joining an RPG server, I joined a few but I wasn't very welcome so I didn't last long because they bothered me because of my age then etc, skipping to late 2012 I joined SAES as "Icy" and I was welcomed by a fellow Egyptian called Lorenzo, we became friends and did the most basic criminal activities together, we weren't able to join a gang/squad at the time though due to our poor English and childish attitude, later on I joined a gang called Gypsy Jokers MC, I played with them for a while before I left because I had bad internet connection that would constantly cut off. I took a break before coming back and playing without a gang for a while, I joined a few smaller gangs after that before being ready to apply for Tuga Thugs, I hung around with them, helped them claim turfs etc, mostly hanging around with TbdS I believe. I was there for a few months before my PC died and I left for a year or so. I came back to MTA but there were so many unpopular faces and SAES was overall very high-end to run on my integrated graphics PC so I couldn't bare with the low FPS and joined another role-playing server where I had played from 2014 to 2018, came on SAES every now and then, did a few activities and went off again. I left MTA in 2018/2019 because I was busy with school and exam season, and I decided to come back again in 2020 because of quarantine and there isn't really much to do other than that nowadays. I'm happy to be back here, I came back a few days ago, I hope to see everyone soon and I'm hoping to see familiar faces that can help me around. So far I've hung around with @Bodo420 and he has helped me a lot, so thanks for that. 😘

    There's so much more and a lot of details, gangs I joined, etc but I can't really remember everything. Sorry if this was too long.

    tl;dr I used to play here from 2012 to ~2015 and I'm hoping to see some familiar faces again. Love you all.
    (Also if anyone needs help with graphic design for their gang etc feel free to PM me, I don't charge.)

  • Welcome back brother!