Custom Radar

  • Hello guys. today i'm gonna show you how to make change the default radar,
    First of all, you need to Download "TXD workshop" from here:

    Then Download your Radar from here:

    to download a radar, Just press Left click on it 1 time, and it will be downloaded, after you download the radar and TXD workshop. Go to your GTA:SA file, or you can Right click on GTA:SA then, "Open file location". after than go to ..\GTA San Andreas\models
    Then grab hud.txd
    and Drop it in TXD workshop, then press on the first picture appears, then press "Import" then press Left click on the file you downloaded 2 times, then press Ctrl + S
    If you didn't understand, follow my video.

    Any question contact me In-game or in the forum.

  • The default radar:
    alt text