[SUGGESTION]Add Auto Reply for Pm

  • What is Auto reply:
    Well sometimes some peoples went AFK without changing their Names to AFK.Name and sometimes When players got a pm they didn't answer it Cuz they're busy So i would like to suggest to add A auto reply system , When a player Go afk and other one pm him , it will answer him Auto but The player have to Enable or disable the auto reply and he can also choose it like /autoreply Busy So when A player pm A Staff / Lws/ Player he will get the auto reply .
    How does it work
    Well I don't know how Developers will make it, So suggest to add It in M>contacts under Senf money or send Message or Easier /autoreply <text> and to disable/enable it /enablepm or /disablepm

    Thanks for reading! don't forget to vote and give your opinion.
    NOTE: Sorry for my bad english.

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