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  • I don't know a right place to post it, but i want to share with you my gaming activity.

    Dian's mechanic roleplay

    I've just opened a nice place for mechanic's RPs. All this time I was repairing player's vehicles and RPing if someone wanted to. In one moment arrived a customer on his Alpha. Someone crashed into him, so as a result he has got broken front bumper, one light and also cracked front window. So we started to repair it. First was front bumper, we've set an expensive german one and then painted it to car color. Then we changed a broken light to a new japanese one. But unfortunately, i couldn't change a cracked window for the customer, so I called my colleague Mr.Sanchez from San Fierro and he agreed to change it. After repairing, I've counted an amount of my work and told it to the customer. He paid me and departed to Mr.Sanchez in SF to change his front window.

    Thanks to @Axestos that helped me with this RP.

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ztrbkIU

  • Dian's mรฉdia archive?! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ lul

  • @moenesmjaid i didn't know where to post it, so i found this subforum, all its names are called Media Archive, so i gone same way XD

  • New gang DO = dian's org

  • 2 days ago i was bored, so I've decided to make a roadblock on LS -> LV Highway. Surely I couldn't make it by myself, so i asked Flex as SAi member to help me with it. He has loaded a construction and we started to RP with all who was arriving there.

    Thanks to @Flex, SAi members and all who was there ๐Ÿ™‚

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ntprrNn

  • @moenesmjaid if its a wrong section, where should i post my personal activities then? You are that smart to troll me around but you can't simply help? Nice one, mate.

    Any admin help me, where i have to post it? Or there is no special sub for that?

  • Dian's ropleplay.

    History: This morning I started to build new modshop for mechanic's rps in Los Santos stunt park (near LS jail). Then I've opened it and started to wait for customers. In some time, I've got one. It was a builder, he was heading from Las Venturas to Los Santos for his deals. Sadly, but someone crashed into his black Admiral. So he decided to visit my garage to repair his car. I've invited him to my garage, he parked his car and we both took a sit. He told me his problem and after it I've checked his car. I checked it from outside and also made a computer diagnostics to check ther car inside. After general review, I've selected 2 problems: 2 broken doors and front bumper. I started from front bumper, i've removed old one, set a new one and then pained it to a car color. Then I've removed two broken doors, pained new ones and set it. Then the customer has checked it out. He didnt find any problems and was glad to see his car repaired. Then I've counted my work and made a bill. The customer paid me and gone.

    Thanks to @ViRuSLN to make this rp possible ๐Ÿ™‚

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/KDqQtzE

  • Dian's Roleplay

    History: I've opened my garage in Los Santos stunt park again this morning. I didn't wait much time while my first customer arrived. He had a black lamborghini. Damn that's so nice car! I've invited him into garage, he parked his car. He took a sit, I've proposed him some coffee or tea, he chose a coffee, so I made him it. Then I took a sit as well. He started to explain what happened. This morning he has gone to shop, once he parked his car and gone to shop, someone crashed into his car. When he came back, he noticed that, but didnt pay attention too much because he was late to a gym. While he was going to a gym, someone crashed into him again! It was the worst day for this customer by his words. And now he's here.. I started to check his car. I was shocked that he arrived to my garage, because his engine was smoking hardly, lucky one! Well, there was a huge problem with his engine and also he had broken doors. The customer left the lambo in my garage and gone to a gym beucase he was late. So I started to repair it. I've checked an engine, I've turned off it from another parts of the car. It was so hard and dangerous! But while i was doing it, I've noticed the real problem why it was smoking. The engine was actually ok, but the cooling system was hardly damaged! So that's why! I've fixed this problem in couple of hours... Then I've set new doors and painted them to the car color. I've contacted the customer, he was busy and asked me to take his car to him. I was ok with it, I've sit in car and took it back to him.

    Thanks to @Unique

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/SgBX3Qh

  • Hi guys!

    A new RP is done by me!

    History: I was doing my stuff as mechanic around SA. Then i got an urgent call, I left my job at garage and gone. When I arrived I've seen a trucker and his Roadtrain on roadside. He told me that there was a pursuit, cops were chasing come criminals and accidentaly shooted out his truck, exactly the wheels. So he got 3 damaged wheels. I had some wheels with myself, we started to change them. Sir ZeKing helped me to remove damaged wheels. Then he got a call on his phone. So I've set new wheels by myself. While i was changing a wheels, someone stole my truck. So I've asked sir ZeKing to take me somewhere in Las Venturas, so I can call taxi there. He wasn't against. In few minutes I was in Las Venturas and called taxi. In some time I've got a taxist around. He picked me up. I've asked him to take me to LS Pay'n'Spray (North one). A Centrino guy did his job. I paid him and he gone.

    Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/uO1507P

    Thanks to @ZeKinG and @Zombie !