[ENHANCEMENT] Enhancement to the vip feature

  • Currently the VIP feature is just about who gets first and enters a marker or after waiting for few friends before doing what i just mentioned (free cash), indeed delivery markers should be changed to an open location and whenever someone enters the marker a timer starts (weither it is a cop or a criminal) the timer resets each time the vip gets dropped whatever side finishes the time without dropping the vip gets the cash same way it is now just more fun i think and more dm/gameplay. (probably also a small cinematic of a helicopter rescuing)

    Ofc, this should be followed with a higher income
    If you like the suggestion leave a yes, otherwise a no and explain why please cheers

  • If I understood it well, you would have to defend the area for a certain ammount of time before you can drop the hostage. That sounds good. If I may add something I would also allow for atleast three random locations for delievery when you take the VIP so it's not a matter of just waiting in the delievery point. Just an opinion though.