Unfair Admjail ( SAES>system31 )

  • Reason of the AJ : Fake report.

    Case number one ( Kuby )

    I had reported kuby for killing me for no reason.
    There is the proof :

    That was one of the reasons for taking admjail for fake report.

    That was why he thought it was a fake report
    alt textalt text

    My Defense :

    • At no point in the video I realized that a criminal was leaving the jail (the video proves this because I didn't look at the jail entrance). This proves that system is lying when it says that I saw a criminal coming out of jail.

    • There wanst Jailbreak. The video proves it too, just look at the top chat

    • I was stopped, so in no time I tried to tease the crimminal or chase him.

    • If I were immediately in front of the marker or next to the drug vending machine, it would be quite understandable for a criminal to kill me. However, I was across the street, the criminal could just avoid me and run towards LSPD / SWAT BASE.

    Case number two ( fenter )
    I had reported fenter for DM ( Trying to push to crimminal range )
    There is the proof :

    That was one of the reasons for taking admjail for fake report.

    That was why he thought it was a fake report :

    alt text

    My defense :

    • Look at the video the second 26, that's when he managed to push me and by centimeters I was not in the range of criminals.

    • Was he hitting me because he wanted to pass? First of all, I wasn't blocking anyone because I was in the CORNER of the door. Want another proof? [FBI *] N9 was also being blocked but he was not hitting everyone, he waited a few seconds to pass and he succeeded, look at him dying in the chat kill.

    • He hit me 13 times while I was in the corner, if he was wanting to pass he should be hitting someone who was in the middle of the door and not on me.

    Once again a SAES member taking unfair actions by himself. Just because they have played for years on the server and have achieved the title of SAES member, they think they have the right to admjail someone on their own without having a talking with the breaker before to make any decision. I want to leave a little support for Velona, ​​Element and Steven that in ALL the moments that I had been reported, they had the humility to come to me and understand the situation. Unlike some SAES members who take action because they think nothing will happen to them. It is very comfortable to punish a trainee totally hated by the server who will not be defended by anyone. But I'm not retarded like Samuel to let your authority go unnoticed. I hope these future staff ( velo, ele and stev ) will not act like some of the present.

  • Hi sherap, am I glad to see you spending entire evening on a report. For your effort, I'll repeat the same things I said to you on PM

    For the first report, you went afk near jail as a prison warden and got killed by criminals that got out of the jail entrance. %99 of people who leave that jail entrance is jailbreaking and wanted and therefore killed you since you are near jail. They could have ignored and passed you, yes but I don't think any criminal would risk it, including me. We had another person who stays "afk" in jail reporting criminals killing him and he was also either warned or jailed for fake reporting aswell (was a year back)

    For your second report, I don't even have to explain. You reported him for deathmatching despite you don't get damage by nightstick and you didn't get pushed to criminal range (which also didn't happen despite you got pushed) until you turned to him just because you are recording a video.

    Now, I concluded that you are fake reporting or at least luring people so you can report them because of your 10000 reports that got deleted before due to same or similiar reasons and as you said; "a trainee totally hated by the server"

    You made that "reputation" on yourself. You even don't hesitate to talk shit towards another player when defending yourself which is very ironic. I didn't check how "hated" you are when I'm sorting your reports, I just checked how frequently do you report and how true they are. Considering your latest attidute I decided it is best for you to see our beautiful view on SF adminjail tower and consider that as your final warning before getting banned permanently due to your actions in the server.

    As far as I am concern -speaking as a mere player- nobody was messing with you after you got unbanned after Magnus banned you (pretty much same reason, you have an attidute of an alligator) and you were behaving yourself. I don't know what makes you get back to your primal self. You are in a huge delusion and maybe getting a raging boner when everyone insults you due to your shitty attidute but thats not my problem, its a problem of your family, friends and maybe future partners.

    But this is SAES afterall, everyone is kind of a dick here and I'm okay for you to piss people off as long as you know your limits and don't break the server rules, which you failed both and that led you to an adminjail, and another unappealable ban in future if you don't stop.

    Thank you for wasting 10 minutes of my life.

    Edit: Of course, as every report against admins, @SAES-HQ has the final say so you'll need to wait for their feedback.

  • I had reported kuby for killing me for no reason.
    @SheraP no reasooon ????? Really nigga

    i have killed u many times inside the jail ... and when i killed u the last time .. when i was about to leave the jail ,, you prefered to wait me outside in order to make fake report and u know i will kill you when i see u ..

    NOTICE : @System31 Look at minimap ( another proof that he was waiting for my exit ) 😉

    also all is clear in log don't be a stupid idk why all time try to do that to me .. this is not the first fake report about me stop ur shit please try to play for fun

  • Can't you come up with a better lie? @Kuby
    If I wanted to wait for you outside, I would have stayed in front of the marker and not across the street. Why would I stay across the street to arrest you if you could run towards LSPD / SWAT BASE? it doesnt make sense. Also at no time am I looking at you to wait for the exact moment to attack, all the time in the video I was looking towards LS skate park. You don't appear on my screen at any time.

    Shouldnt I wait for you in that space instead of being across the street ? because would be more easy to arrest if i really wanted it.

    alt text

    • The goal of escaping from prison is to escape from it and not kill police officers who are close to it. If they didn't want to do DM, they would have run in the opposite direction to me (SWAT BASE / LSPD), but they didn't. they prefered to kill me what is considered DM. At no time I hesitated to arrest him, even because I didn't see them because I was using a cell phone.

    Jail outside isnt a DM zone. Criminals as soon as they leave jail should immediately seek the best way to escape, and not go towards a standing cop.

    • Look at the video the second 26, that's when he managed to push me and because of centimeters I was not in the range of criminals.The fact that I didn't stay at the crimminal rage was lucky. It doesn't take away his intention to try to push me into the crimminal rage.

    Not necessarily deatchmatch is to damage others as this rule proves in F1
    alt text

    As he was hitting me, I could not see exactly the location of the criminals in the corridor (this is a form of interference in my game) and I hope that hitting players on the same team is not convenient.

    About the "10000" reports you referred to. :

    Certainly most of them are for C bug, they were deleted because I was not understanding when criminals were abusing it or not. For me the fact that it took a long time to crouch was already considered a bug, until Steven said that this is not necessarily a bug. Rather, keep spammin C to get protection is bug abuse.

    Look this one :

    He took a long time to crouch and I thought this was considered a bug so I reported crimminals several times, all reports with evidence (videos).

    You don't even want to know the reasons for these reports, you're just trying to find some way to prove that I'm doing a fake report. Most of these reports were resolved by Steven and he had no problem with sorting all of these.You are trying to use these reports against me without knowing the context of any of them.

    Even if these "1000 reports" are invalid, I think it is forgivable because this bug is something new on the server and we are learning to deal with it.
    There is no reason to punish me for a fake report.

  • Once again I reiterate Steven's good work, which at no time complained about me sending so many reports about C bug. And Velona teleported to me and showed when it was a bug abuse or when it wasn't. I hope you know that velona hates me and that is not why he is unfair to me when he is spawned as staff. Both representing the server staff very well.
    In the meantime, you are taking things out of context to try to explain your injustice. The videos are there.
    There are no arguments against facts.

  • System said :
    alt text

    SAES-Jonas and SAES-Jason said :
    alt text--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------alt text

    I think the rules are clear but there are people who interpret them differently. Everyone knows that attacking someone else for no reason is DM, except our renowned saes> system31. @SAES-HQ

    I was in the corner of the door, I wasn't blocking anyone. There was no reason to hit me 13 times.
    The report is valid.

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  • Could any saes Delete these topics above?
    They arent involved in this report


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  • Please don't get yourself involved in report cases that you have no direct relation to.
    Section rules: https://saesrpg.uk/topic/924/how-to-report

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  • @Magnus , I know you are going to make this report invalid because you are always against me, I don't think this is wrong. Imagine a saes member being punished for a trainee hated by everyone and considered a cunt, it would be a shame for the SAES community, wouldn't it?
    Anyway, my interest here is to say that part of the admjails I received are given unfairly by admins who do not have a good relationship with me on the server.
    And indiscreetly they let this bad relationship influence their attitudes as admins which shouldn't happen.

    I have constantly heard from a bird that there is talk behind the scenes about a ban for me. I want to make it very clear that this is the result of this bad relationship between me and this select group of administrators. ( i guess : groove , teddy , system , terry ... weird ... most of them are gang members ).

    I'm sure there is no reason to ban me. I can be a cunt, but I am not a rulebreaker, although I have taken approximately 6 admjails in 2 years, I can guarantee that most of these admjails are unfair and given by admins who dont like me.

    You could say: "being a cunt is a reason to ban".
    There is the problem, the definition of cunt is completely subjective and therefore should not be considered as evidence for a punishment. Evidence must be concrete and clear.

    I am called a cunt every day for disturbing turf wars (my job). Criminals think I should let them have fun killing each other without anyone being able to interrupt them.
    I'm called a cunt for arresting people with lag (brazillian ping).
    I'm called a cunt for arresting people at LVX (my job).
    I'm called a cunt for saying "ez" after arresting someone.
    I'm called a cunt for reporting someone.
    I'm called a cunt for being born.

    So, The definition of cunt subjective. You call someone a cunt when that person disturbs what you are doing, even if it is your duty.
    I can be called cunt, but i'm not rulebreaker or fake reporter

    Returning to the report against system : I guess this topic is enough to show that he needs read F1 rules again.
    alt text

  • I wasn't even going to bring up your overall attidute in the server until you say things like "I'm not retarded like Samuel", you literally asked my feedback for it. You report every single thing, using the literal arguments in F1 and trying to get a boner by making people getting adminjailed. This wastes the time of community staff members which may help someone else instead of dealing with your shit.

    I had nothing good or bad against you in general or when I sort your reports and reports against you until now. You are somehow in delusion of everyone gives a shit about you, good or bad. This is the definition of being an absolute cunt.

    Also, what the hell is that?

    alt text

    alt text

    Please tell your bird to shove some common sense and decency in you or you'll have to be the "mr. badass cop who plays so good so everyone hates him" in another server.

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  • That was a joke. You are still taking things out of the context to try fuck me.
    I cant see any plausible argue from you about this report.
    "This wastes the time of community staff members which may help someone else instead of dealing with your shit."
    As Element said to me, saes community staff is there to solve reports and help who needs help. There is a good reason and good proofs in every report i did. You are the only complaining about the reports im doing.
    Dont try impersonnate an admin who solves many reports per day. Steve solved MOST of the reports and i never heard a complain from him about the reports. He just do his work like a person who is there to help. None is forcing you to sort my reports , let it for another admin if you dont have patient to check them.
    There are rules and they have to be followed. I cant see any problem if im doing many reports. They can be invalid, but none of them are fake report.