Searching for a song from mc vic

  • there was a song, toker played on his channel many times long years ago. now im searching for it. can anyone give me the shit?i cant get out od my head please help. the song name is cunt by mc vic
    you cnt fck off you cnt,
    yea motherf
    cking cnt
    nt cnt cnt yeah, motherf*cking cunt

  • Don't actually know your song but imma take the opportunity to drop one cool song for you people to enjoy since i have the best musical taste 😋

  • I've been googling my nickname and landed up here, but I couldn't log in with my old account, so I sent a Whatsapp message to Patrol and Ikzelf and they've told me to re-create a new forums account because the old forums were down..
    I am here, I am back...
    If you want to listen to this tune and many other ones I've launched with Lean and Tokes you can come on our ts3 channel 🙂