Adminjailed by @Magnus

  • Today i got a call from GJMC and I attended the TR bank immediately. When i arrived a FBI member entered with me to bank ı left the marker and aimed at the FBI and i waited until he leaves the marker. Once he left the marker and aimed with his gun i started to shoot. And i am aware of the bankrob rules. Firstly 1.door wasn't cracked so br wasn't started when i killed the FBI there and secondly he was out of marker as you see on the video. Just because of cop side dying stop accepting every report they making when i try to talk magnus he said it's my fault but you can see easily from video that guy doesn't move at begging on purpose because he want to report people that way. Since magnus HQ admin on server solving ingame didn't work. I hope other admins can resolve this. I didn't deserve to get adminjail.
    Video Link =

  • This post is deleted!
  • This is the rule:
    10) Do not marker kill or marker arrest players entering or exiting a bank during, or just before, a Bank Robbery.

    It's not my problem that you somehow interpreted this rule into "I'm allowed to shoot anyone that's moving in the marker". The rule clearly state that you shouldn't marker kill, so maybe it's a bad idea to camp the marker. You had time to relocate yourself, but you decided to camp it and kill him while he was still in the marker trying to get out.