HQ's Saes RPG - do not comply with the regulations. Soo i need Ask about ''hiden rules''

  • @Magnus ,
    Everyone is aware that my next ban that I received a week ago had nothing to do with breaking the rules. For saes HQ: You expect people to comply with the rules and the order, and you don't follow the rules and destroy the order yourself. This is your server, of course you can bans me with one click. But is this fair? Is this honorable? Does this represent your call for players to abide by the rules? - No. Ban week, Me survives. But seriously, the reason for `` disturbing the administrator ''? I caught Teddy when he was a criminal and had 42 stars ... I didn't break the rules. lol. I got a ban next to lv X when i listening to music. You are the one who lets you play simultaneously as Adminsitrator and player on the same account. So this is your problem to solve, not my lol. I tried to catch a player who had 42 stars, not an administrator. I didn't even notice when he changed class during the pursuit ... I did everything in accordance with the regulations. What does it look like now? I am forbidden to catch weak players like Teddy because of Ban's threat? XD - Where is it in the regulations? Is there any other regulations for me that I don't even know>?

    I don't know whether to play or i can get banned from catching people according to the rules ... So I have to ask lol. I don't create such sick situations, but you yes.

  • hello Kajo and welcome back to saes RPG I would like to once again clear up some of your false accusations about what I have done on the server like the last time what happened is that you were frozen when teddy was investigating a bug with caralho @Rivals and told to move awaybut instead of moving away you decided to keep ramming my bike while clearly seeing i had 0 stars because i respawned as admin and while the person on the bike had 1 star i clearly told you in main chat and local chat to move away because i am busy doing something.

    alt text
    alt text

    i am aware that you dont understand english without a translator but correct me if im wrong "STOP" also means stop in polish right?

    try to not be annoying as fuck in the game and admins wont have any reason to take actions against you

  • @Teddy , I've followed you since you drove a tank from LV:> - By plane, then I switched into a car. How was I to know that you would suddenly check a mistake and change your plans? The marker (after clicking K) showed me that you have 42 stars. You can see, even on your SS, that you had 42 stars. You stopped me using the command - you did it dishonestly. First, the rank changes, and then I take the administrator's task, not the other way around. I was pissed off that you use commands to avoid being arrested. I didn't notice that you changed your rank because the panel (K) showed me that you still have 42 stars ... I didn't see how many stars you have on the screen, because the stars of the person in front of showed me xD So I thought it was a bug - there are plenty of them
    alt text 42 stars on admin in panel...

  • I thought my english was potato

  • Caralho rivals is here to confirm the case.

    We had been trying to solve/investigate a bug for a long time.
    You were stupid and now you come here to cry as a way of trying to turn the problems around for us, in this case Teddy.
    Teddy and I were in LS investigating the bug, when you first showed up and tried to arrest us, I had to run away because you are either blind or you can't read because Teddy spammed the chat asking you to stop and you ignored him completely.
    As if that wasn't bad enough and stupid enough from your part, you went after us to RC and once again me and teddy spammed the chat asking you to stop, but you are a blindfuck and you tried to arrest again even after several warnings.
    So shut up and don't say that you didn't do anything wrong, for the next time, don't skip school and learn to read first, then you can come and play, maybe you can realize that you are doing shit and avoid this problems.

  • :honk:

  • Teddy didn't use any commands to avoid being arrested, which has already been explained to you.

    We've been over this Kajo, it's a waste of time bringing it back up. If you don't have the brain to understand what you did wrong then that's on you.

    For the future, if an admin tells you to leave him alone because he's doing something, that's what you do.