[SUGGESTION] Add a daily/weekly/monthly wage for civilian groups

  • Adding a wage to players inside groups such as ALT, Cluckin' Bell, GXT, RadioSA, Centrino, etc. depending on how much of their role they perform (as in, depending on how many deliveries the player made, or how much time someone streamed live on RadioSA) or maybe even make them compete for a daily reward that could be split among active players that contributed to their group, would make civilian side more interesting, and I personally think it would be a good addition.

  • No for a wage just for existing.

    But a daily bonus given to top arrester / store robber / store rob cop defender / turf zone killer / top trucker / top delivery man / top binman / top medic (by hp) / top mechanic / etc. with an ingame weekly scoreboard would be pretty cool.