Unsolved [QoL] Removing vehicle collision for few seconds after spawning

  • who didn't suffer from vehicles spawning over each other or even inside of each other especially when there is big activity in hopitals (turfs/jbs), removing the collision for 5-7s and changing opacity will solve the problem

    alt text

  • Glad someone finally suggested this. Also, i think it would be great to get damage immunity for vehicles for a couple of seconds as well. As a criminal it happens to me all the time, i spawn at hospital and as soon as i spawn a vehicle trainees start shooting it and the arrest immunity time runs out pretty quickly so i end up getting arrested at hosp which kinda defeats the purpose of having an anti-hospital arresting script.

  • I've been thinking about the same thing for a while, but i havent been bothered to make a suggestion about it, so yes, thank you

  • 100% agree, it will make the server more enjoyable during big activities/turfs/events.

  • +1 from me.

    Especially when you spawn a bike, and someone spawns a car on you lol