• Was that even a suggestion or only "cry me a river" Topic?

    Teamwork ever heard of it? Crims/Gang are always together BRs or SRs or whatever.
    Why don't u work together like "/r all Cops meet LVPD we going to rush the BR or /r all cops leggo SR meet there."?

    Rambo at BRs, it's really easy if u go few or more crims to BR and Rambo all around so why is the crying Topic?

    Tazing from 23182387 meters away, doesnt matter if I'm in LV or LS if u shoot from SF you'll taze me.

    Nightstick you don't even hit us but "booom you are arrested" hitting a guy from long distance.

    Tankspray? Why don't u join Squad or SWAT and go with ur mates with Tankspray, it's retard but it's easy to arrest.

    Hitting guy with car so you can arrest him easy, isn't that a bit unfair? That's allowed tho

    Increase jail time to 7 minutes again ( 420 seconds ) or more !

    • No, they have to make it even less than right now.

    Increase the time between SR's

    • WTF, why? if this happens you gonna cry like there are no crims to arrest please make the SRs back, right? No SRs, no Crims? No Crims, no Arrest?

    Make JB's more difficult to crimminal side

    • It's really difficult, but the crims are always together !! TEAMWORK

    Speed drug could be sold for more money

    • ???
  • @ChasinTLSN then give us suggestions. over half of the cops yesterday went to br, when we almost cleared the inside, B000M! An ongoing jb at the same time. every fker that got arrested gets rite back to the br. this is a endless circles.

  • comedian
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  • @Yoko_Kurama said in [SUGGESTION] SAES:RPG ( DEAD ) - SAES:GANGWAR ( RIGHT NAME ):

    This topic makes me want to fly over Brazil and see what the hell is going on out there, where’s the “decent” people like Brazz, Pitoco, @kipt who thinks he’s special but he’s just another macaco fdp! The “idea” is just vague, retarded and pure nonsense, No.

    Ain't you too poor to fly from Mexico to Braziu???

  • Focus on finding something to add to cop side and make it more interested for people to actually play as cop. Its not debuffing criminal side that you will find that balance trust me. It will only make people leave the server for the higher jail time and less things to do while waiting for srs and shit

  • also suggested longer time ago
    once we holded as crimes the vip on purpose at parking lpt to make it on a cops vs crime thing & it was fun for both sides, we holded it like ~10mins, but cops even won at the end. but it didnt even matters to me that we lost it, cuz it was more fun than BR & sr togheter
    just an activity idea*

  • cRi MoRe PlEaSe ❤ .i.

  • 7 mins or more LMAO fuck it make it up to life time depending on the crime but before that make sure to get a judg and lawyer since only a judge can actually emit a sentence to jail someon (police can only put them under arrest)
    As Nicus said to improve the cop side we need ideas for scripts for COP side so theres more to do in our side besides responding to what crims do .
    not by nerfing one side or another that is just pointless and makes the server boring on itself

  • They said "aDd 25% bOdY aRmOr fOr cOps pLz" "cOp liFE iS uNfAir"

  • When reading sherap replies to some of your posts i feel like he is replying to his quote not the content of the reply kek

    And yeah if you want copside to become more interesting make something where cops defend not attack and you will see how fun it is

  • @Gui Quiting the server wouldn't help either, Squad requirements have to be lowered)

  • I cannot really tell if you are just blind or just joking around.

    Your post is so wrong in so many ways i cant comprehend how can someone think those are real key factors lol

    • Teamwork : You would be surprised how much "teamwork" there is between cops, we talk a lot in the squad chat, specially during BRs and JBs where we fail most of the times.

    • BR Rambo : Oh yes thats why the cop side has succesfully stop every single BR for the last 4 months (sarcasm)

    -Taser : Taser is not OP at all, and no distance is not that op.

    -Nighstick : Does not work like that but ok

    -Tankspray : Oh excuse me poor criminal, your side has around 200 members on peak times and cop side when they barely hit 30 and use a "retard" vehicle that has all rights to be used it is considered retarded plus OP.

    Hitting guy with car : most criminals will either start complaining on the chat or report the cop.

    All the things mentioned above have literally no effect or are key factors on the cop side.
    Cop side is +++++++ not because some silly things such as the ones mentioned above, but more due to the gameplay aspect of the cop side, as teddy well said on another post, its all about gameplay , we cops rely on everthing that a criminal does ingame, we have no new "jobs" apart from the usual BR, JB , arrest and VIP . So it all about gameplay aspects and nothing todo with the team work etc.

    I could quote Teddys post here , because he is dam right about everything. And considering that post was made by our autistic kid Teddy, it is hard to believe but he is right

    Now regarding this topic :

    Increasing jail time will not help the cop side, since it has no effect on us whatsoever
    Increasing the time between SRs will have no effect on us cops, since the more SRs the more "things we can do as cops", we need the opposite, more constant jobs on the map.

    Only thing where i see some sense is the Jail Break system, where things could be changed to be more "equal", such as the new jail that some people were working on

  • @Patrol
    new cop jobs:

    just 2 little suggestions could bring more fun/activity to copside
    1: larger vip (holding it 10mins & develier somewhere) for both sides equal activity & once simulated it with current vip, cops won, but at end both sides told it was fun
    2. cops have to drive secu car from a to b & deffend it = some job what only cops can start

    and also not all crimes crys when car-punch-arrest, i preffer car-punch-colting as revange : D

  • Well, all I've got to say that increasing time of jail or making Criminal side events more difficult won't make any difference at the mean time. We should work on improving Cop side features to make it more fun, besides adding events where Criminal side should interact or respond to them not as always Cop side do, such as the few suggestions that are posted on forums and I hope more are yet to be suggested.

    EDIT: Whoever is mentioning lack of our "teamwork", we'are a dead side already and there is a huge difference in player as screenshots show.

    And yes we do communicate on radio and sometimes we gather and move as one but guess what, we still facing same problem 200 criminals vs 30 cops(including trainees who are mostly new to the server and don't know what a BR is).

    Did you ever use your brain and think about what you're saying? Where is the time to announce a meeting point to gather and then head to a BR/SR? It would be already finished and probably another robbery will be occurring. @MarksMan

    What I mean is that you're accusing us for lack of teamwork while we're always the respondents and we handle tactics and plans in field during the event while you've already planned what you will do and who is assigned to position X etc. before the event occurrence because you're event executors .

  • @Patrol

    Starting with your comment with hate "you are just bild or just joking around"

    You are just another cop like SheraP crying for everything, be creative and make something for the cops. Ez

    Yes teamwork doesnt work always but we dont always do the BR 8/8 because too

    OH YEAH Br Rambo is the truth

    """""""Taser is not op at ALL"""""""" yeah, you are right.

    Nightstick "doesnt work like that BuT oK, it really works like that if I start recording the gameplay you'll see that you get arrested from 2-3 meters away hit

    I'm out of this because the first sentece prove us you are another SheraP

  • @MarksMan i suggest you go online and check tab, im sure you can see the crim / cop side ratio, and i am sure there is a reason that all cops are "crying " as you call it


    Nightstick "doesnt work like that BuT oK, it really works like that if I start recording the gameplay you'll see that you get arrested from 2-3 meters away hit

    Sometimes you get hit and arrested by it from 2-3 meters away, sometimes we hit them 4 times at the closest distance and there's no arrest happening. It's stupid for both sides.

  • There should be more achievements for cops, especially only for licensed cops(so squads) that progress should reset when you join a criminal organisation.

    I suggest having ranks like in real life, promotion depends on months served and arrest count requirement before promotion to prevent inactive promotions. Also cops will have small decorative badges showing their rank on their nametag.
    (requirements aren't written as all time, they are seperate objectives to complete seperately per promotion, however benefits don't stack)

    Police Officer III [Licensed cops starting here]

    21 days and 30 arrests for promotion to Police Officer III+1 or Detective I [This rank has +2% income]

    30 days and 50 arrests for promotion to Sergeant I or Detective II [This rank has +5% income]

    30 days and 60 arrests for promotion to Sergeant II or Detective III [This rank has +7% income]

    45 days and 150 arrests for promotion to Lieutenant [This rank has +10% income]

    90 days and 300 arrests for promotion to Captain [This rank has +20% income]

    120 days and 500 arrests for promotion to Commander [This rank has +35% income, thank you for your services, you are now a HQ of this force and will be called to PC HQ Meetings as your roleplay i guess]

    Deputy Chief, Assistant Chief and the Chief are restricted to PC for roleplay sake.


    IDK, I feel like that's what squads are for, minus the extra income

  • It is definitely unfortunate that not even one can comment on something and all criminals fall on top of you. It's okay

    I also understand that they will call me cry baby, in my opinion, they are welcome.

    First of all, the squadrons are running out of officers "compared to the activity of 2/3 months ago", we cannot "teamwork"

    I will give you the reason because "increasing jail time" is a good way to increase the police response. Sometimes we manage to fully arrest criminals in an "SR", perhaps between 4 or 5 police VS 12-15 crims, the SR is 70-90% when we can clean it, we wait for it to come down, when it is at 20 %, criminals manage to go back to SR and win it again. I don't judge jail time, just adjust it like before, 3-5 months ago

    Proposition 2: Before SRs appeared instantly, now it appears when it is at 10% and criminals have a longer response time and there are more criminals online, so when the first patrol arrives it is already around 35%

    Proposition 3: The officers need more money, Respond to an SR / BR It involves expenses, a policeman will always be shot upon arrival, if we respond with a personal car, they will destroy it completely + hospital expense = -5500 $ expense, we rarely manage arrest when there are many criminals on the site. In conclusion, we need more money for arrest or detained SR

    Proposition 4: Repair teaser bug, sometimes we manage to shoot a criminal with the teaser and even so he keeps shooting us and we die without managing to arrest him. The administrators put as an excuse that it is the ping, but I do not remember that this happened before, it is a problem generated from 2 months ago until today, I do not know if someone made a purposeful adjustment for that. I'm just asking for a system overhaul

    All this is my opinion, maybe I am wrong in some data. Just keep in mind that I'll get shit for everything I said.