Solved [SUGGESTION] Adding Police to the Turfing script

  • @Teddy said in [SUGGESTION] Adding Police to the Turfing script:

    Then .. it's no longer a turf zone. Just an area where you arrest like any other. Completely ruins/misses the point of the actual turf system.

    obviously cops would go for the kill with which they aren't as overwhelmed as when trying to taze & hit someone with nightstick. And seeing as less jail time = less money I'm sure people would still go for the kill in any case, that's fun, arresting not as much.

    Adding some retarded no arrest rules doesn't make sense. Cops are cops and we spawn with our equipment and scripts, if somebody wants to arrest be my guest but this idea designed for cops to kill and I'm sure most cops would prefer doing that

  • Aight then, my vote changes to a no in that case, allowing cops to arrest & turf same time is pointless.

  • if you cops want to get HSed its ok ))

  • Good idea men

  • That would be interesting. My question is, would the progress for cops to "neutralize" a turf be amp'd up more than it would be for gangs to take a turf? Cause ya know, we outnumber y'all bout like... a million.

    Not a bad idea though.

  • Don’t allow arresting inside turf zones.

    Let cops receive a notification when there’s a turfwar, one cop killing the attacking gang member equals -20 progress. (If you cover and snipe it’s quite easy to kill everyone so don’t whine about it) killing the defending gang however shouldn’t reduce the progress to avoid abuse.

    Cops entering the zone should receive like 1k every 5 seconds?

    Turfwars shouldn’t be as easy as it is at the moment anyway. Also it shouldn’t be a gang vs gang situation only. Like the idea, might bring some activity into the cop side.

  • If arresting gonna be disabled inside active turf wars, why not

  • Yes but if we can also headshot you 2

  • Oh , Yeah Because a war vs 30 UE/Z/HS/CRIPZ/Rouge/CDC/U/CDS/O ain't enough ! , we should add cops too ! .

    No , please this idea made me vomit already

  • @Bodo420 It will only add 10 cops max to that equasion

  • I say yes cause all time cops hunt me in turf or alone so its usual and fun I like idea turf will be vs gang + cops will be crazy war :hype:

  • nice idea +1
    buuuuuut, make same rules for cops as for crimes "house spawn to attend faster to turf not allowed" because alone 1 fking cop having an house inside/near turfzone can arrest ~20+ mens in few mins without problems after 37291 respawns, wich could be counted at the end ~50 cops (1 cop respawning) vs ~20 crimes

  • Got to agree with what Bartman said, if this gets added, cops shoudnt be allowed to use props, to get an advantage