Solved [SUGGESTION] Make Squads requirements a bit lower

  • Well as the title says, I'm here to suggest lower requirements than there are atm for squads in order to make people able to keep their squads and try to balance SAES gameplay.
    There has been some squads closing cause of the activity showing and this could help balancing a bit the server. I think everyone can win with this (cops can have their squads and show the acitivity required and criminals will have more cops to fight)
    Something has to be done to try to balance the gameplay on SAES. It's very unbalanced the way it is right now.

    Please dont vote no only because you are criminal, vote with the thought of balancing the community!

    State your opinions on the comments!

  • I agree, copside deserves a place in saes 100%

  • I agree but i also think that gang requirements should be slightly higher especially on the higher levels since we have way too many gangs right now. It feels weird saying this while i'm a member of a level 1 gang but i think that's the way to achieve balance between both sides.

  • See criminal side also cares about the cop side

  • I agree with what Xavier states, with the sheer amount of players who yearn for the crime and glory it's easy to get a gang up to official status. On the contrary, squads have such a high requirement with a low player base that it's rough to get stability. Take the Texas Ranger Force and Emergency Task Force for example - both had promising starts but due to complications they were both closed down. By lowering the requirements, it could very much appeal to the new players as they see all of these opportunities for squads and what they hold - while veteran players can get their squad up and ready while providing an extra support line for the policing field.

  • I agree.

    This is a previous topic that finally needs to see the light again. The requirements for squad activity is simply too high. There's an ongoing cop to criminal ratio of 1:5 on the server, despite that ratio, our requirements are still very much alike.

    This topic was discussed a couple of weeks ago, where the answer was (to cut it down): No, no changes will be happening. We find it fine, that there is a maximum of 3-4 squads, of which don't have to be level 5.

    We have lost too many squads already with Five-0 and ETF giving up due to the excessive requirements for squads. It is time for these requirements to change.

    I do not think the current requirements are fair, nor appropriate for the future of SAES:RPG in terms of official squads. We currently have 4* official squads who are in combat against 16* official gangs. This is not OK and not how the ratio should be.

    It is time for a change.

    (*) approximate

  • While I agree with the idea, I think the problem is more complicated, basically everything a squad member can do, can be done by a trainee, even by a gang member that only has to spawn as one( yes I know that he cant partake in brs and turfs, but you still get the point) to arrest some players and thats it. On the other hand, gangs can br, turf, gr( yeah, its dead I know) The main problem I have seen with cop life, is that it is repetitive, the only thing you do is arrest. Also the game we play is grand theft auto, a criminal game, many players will choose the criminal background. I think adding more activities for cops would be better(being able to raid bases, I dont know) Another event I have occurred is that players within police background join a gang, to be able to play together( going to srs together, organizing brs together etc).

  • Ye +1 for this , but also make the gangs requirments harder untill it becomes balanced.

  • @Howlze said in [SUGGESTION] Make Squads requirements a bit lower:

    This topic was discussed a couple of weeks ago, where the answer was (to cut it down): No, no changes will be happening. We find it fine, that there is a maximum of 3-4 squads, of which don't have to be level 5.

    That's the most delusional answer I've ever seen. But oh well, if that's the attitude of the people in charge of the levels, then fine by me. Let's discourage people from making new squads. How are they supposed to recruit enough members to level-up, when 7 out of 10 players on the server chooses to play as crim. Then there's the issue of making people apply for your squad; You can apply for FOX, SWAT or a squad that barely lives up to the level 3 requirements. What do you choose? The level 5 ones would be my first choice. How are they ever going to live up to the requirements in the server's current state?

  • Sadly this server needed two perfectly good squads to die, in order to see that change is needed. Absolute shame..

  • @AntiRug said in [SUGGESTION] Make Squads requirements a bit lower:

    Sadly this server needed two perfectly good squads to die, in order to see that change is needed. Absolute shame..

    Still wont be changed tho

  • @AntiRug Im sorry that your squad died mate. I havent been ingame recently so I made this based on forums.
    But Saes needs a balance between both sides and I am trying to help with this

  • I agree, though that won't be that big of a change within the cop side, as people will still rather to play as criminals, just because there's more things to do. I mean, if Player X is new in the server and has to choose if he would like to join a gang and do stuff together with his gang mates or do a squad that will easily get higher level.... well, in the current state, the answer is the first option, obviously.

    Yes, I agree to do that, but temporary, till things get a bit better. As during that time, there could be things getting added for the cops side, yet still related with the criminal side. For example, there could be a transporting a vehicle (that can't be damaged and has a limited speed) from a PD to another, it can be triggered when at least 10 cops are grouped up in a PD. Thats just an example of something that can be added that could spice up the gameplay of the cops, as well as of the criminals.

    One other thing that I notice within the cop side is the obvious seperation between each other. There is literally no team work within the squads, I also honestly haven't seen new players (that are spawned as trainees) getting that welcomed from the official squads. Maybe talking a bit more, showing some good attitude towards possible members, as well as doing stuff together (possibly doing squad trainings, where all official squads and cops can do stuff together to practice, while off duty), etc, might get the people interested.

  • 30 polices VS 300 cirminals. This shows everything. +1 the idea.

  • +1, no matter how much skill you have. It will always be impossible to do a 3 vs 10

  • i don't think we need to step down on requirements, you just gotta be more ready to take on new challenges, something that the etf failed at as it seems. i also think we need to see more gamemode oriented additions to the server where criminals give cops a reason to intervene.
    by simply lowering requirements you're not getting a perm solution... only lazier squads

  • I suggest to make the prize for arresting OB x2 and a CLO x3. Also to add a M4 to trainee spawns and maybe v8 police vehs for the ofs squads.

  • And let strap give you money when you catch someone speeding.

  • The point is, this game/community feels like a second job at the moment. Especially when you have your own squad. At a certain point, you are thinking what the hell am I doing? You come back from work or school and crawl in front of your PC to get a higher level in a virtual game? I got other games that are less demanding and give me the same amount of fun or even more.

    Also, I don't agree about lazy squads, etc. This game is made to have fun and not to constantly hunt for statistics and constantly trying to improve or gain more posts to become the best at posting activities as a group/squad or gang. Sure, I get a member can contribute with a few posts a month to a group or anything else. but lately, it's just outrageous what is going on.

    I still remember NNB going downhill for a month and got instantly demoted to Lvl 1... Still have no words for that.

    The copside will be a constant problem for SAES and until a proper solution is found, expect the server to be full of criminals on the back of a fucking picador trying to provoke cops to get something to do.

    I think more people can relate to this.

    I hope you agree with me @Vennelle @AntiRug


  • @Ramby Everything you've written is exactly how i felt. Owning a squad basically forced me to grind saes to make it succeed. At some point, you do sit down and just realize how goddamn pointless it really is reguarding your real life. I never had any space to breath or take a break from the squad. Always had to deal with people leaving/joining and requesting stuff. Sertainly didn't feel like a game from the 2000' but more like a fulltime job.