[SERVER LAG] Potential issues with sync or host

  • It is there and you can not run from it!
    Just enter the game and see how many people are typing the word "lag". There is no FPS drop but people get ping warnings. Thus, the lag causes people to have an increased ping especially the ones far from the host source. Some gangs even failed BR because of that and some people got mad after laggy turf wars.

    I have been to different servers, same goes to the people in my gang or group, we never had such lags. Some of them even say that, compared to other servers, at SAES they have more ping.

    This is just a demanding-style topic for SAES Devs to check where does this lag potentially come from. Maybe there is issue with host? or maybe an issue related to script synchronization?

    Cheers and Regards.

  • Yea,we're not playing like before we can play only in Morning 06:00 server time because there is only 50 players,but when there is 100-150 players, there will be Ping warning while ur ping is 70-80 ? game isn't like before this last days we missing fun cuz of this shitty lags.

  • Lag affect more player than you imagine. those players either can’t afford a gamer pc or doesn’t fulfill the minimal specification.

    However, it seems the server hasn’t gone down for maintenance for a while. The server currently has bugs everywhere, unhandled things that we can’t fix. the sv also has reached a big community average daily of atleast 230 players in peak times. it’s a pity that many ppl play in saes looking for entertainment or even more looking for a life that they cant afford of out of character.. its really disappointing

    Bring back the old saes!

  • We are already looking into it as mentioned as the topic has already been brought up in this category.

    We've just got @Scorpyo on board who is smashing bugs at the moment and plan on recruiting more developers.

    As mentioned previously, we monitor all aspects of the server, we have not seen any issues, spikes or any other indicators that would suggest the issue is serverside, we've looked at cpu loading/timings especially as the mta server runs on a single core, memory, hdd bottlenecking, cpu temperature (in case of throttling), network capacity/usage and alot more and can't see any issues, hence why we are looking at clientside loading now.

    Closing this thread, please refer to the one already created.