having the option to add more people to donation vehicles

  • Hello, I have a suggestion that would or could be nice to add since many people have donated a lot and have lots of donation vehicles, and they, of course, add people to it. but sometimes they ask to be added to that specific vehicle that is full because of that you either have to say no or just remove someone that have been added already and add the guy that asked to it. so I wanted to suggest to have the option to add more people to your donation vehicle than just 3+

    let me know what u think broski's yes or no

  • Donate for another car then you greedy fuck

  • @Vennelle said in having the option to add more people to donation vehicles:

    Donate for another car then you greedy fuck


  • Donation vehicles are like a 'thank you', they're not a service provided by SAES. That's why we all refer to them as donation vehicles. I think these have to be kept somewhat exclusive and think the possibility to add three more people to enjoy your vehicle is already generous. If you make increase this value, by any substantial amount, these vehicles are going to lose what's special about them. Besides how will SAES incentivize players to donate from that point on forward, if you can just add all members of your g/s/c to your vehicle? We need players to keep donating to the server, if that stops, the funding stops and they'll have to pull the plug before we know.

    Big fat no

  • No.

    alt text

  • No.. It's fine as it is right now..

  • How about extending the lock access by sacrificing 7.5gbp, essentially sparing you 2.5gbp for getting additional access, but sticking to one vehicle instead of 2. If you really need more slots but prefer few rides as possible, I think this would be a potential solution