San Andreas Studios ~ Recruitment

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    Since we became official and known as the only filming and video's production group in SAES:RPG . San Andreas Studios Executive Team decided to change the Recruitment System . There are 3 Divisions which are Actors , Producers and Security . Each Division will have it own way of recruitment.

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    How To join any of the 3 San Andreas Studios Division ?

    Actor and Security Divisions : Those two divisions has the same spawn and skins but they have different roles . If you are interested to join one of them , you just got to join SaS Activities and hang around SaS members until we notice that you are interested in joinning us so there will be many interviews that will be hosted by SaS HQs that you should attend and we will be asking you some questions .

    Producers Division : If you are interested in joinning the Producer's Division , you will have to be a skilled producer . All what you have to do is to contact San Andreas Studios HQ and send any of your works ( editing videos , Recording ingame ... )

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    Hello and Welcome to San Andreas Studios Recruitment guide. Please make sure you follow the instructions mentiooned bellow.

    • Your application topic title must be "[SaS]Your Nickname's Application"
      Example: alt text
    • Your questions must be in BOLD.
    • It is a simple application, do not copy from other applicants.
    • Reading the rules on the main topic is a must.
    • Make sure to join our discord server in order to get your tasks from SaS HQ Team and communicate with our members.

    After posting your application, you will be receiving one of the following answers:

    • ACCEPTED - Means that you passed the application stage and that you are officially a SaS member.
    • PENDING - Means that you still didn't pass the application stage so you need to hang around more with SaS members and help them in activities. (bugged spoiler)
    • DENIED - Means that you didn't pass the application stage and you will have to re-apply after 2 weeks (unless otherwise specified). (bugged spoiler)

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    Copy and complete the application if you want to join us.

    # **1- Personal Part :**
    **Country of residence:**
    **Since when do you play SAES:RPG:**
    **Current organization:**
    **Current groups:**
    **List the server punishments that you have received:**
    **Tell us about yourself and your SAES career :**
    # **2 - Rules check :**
    **Which division do you wish to join:**
    **State 2 of that division rules:**
    **Optional: Anyone recommended you to apply for SaS ?:**
    **Post a picture of a camera to be considered. (in a spoiler):**
    **Convince us in 2 lines why you would fit in our group:**

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    . Our recruitment Is currently. OPEN !

  • Recruitment Status: CLOSED
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