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    Foundation: 08/05/2020
    Founders: @Andre @ZiZou777
    Group Name: World Farming Supply
    Motto: ~Feeding the world, caring for the earth
    Tags: [WFS]Name<Rank>
    Color Code: #ace95d
    Group Budget: 50,000,000$
    Discord Link:
    Media archive:
    Applicants Media archive:

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    In 1987, two friends, the agriculture engineer "Andre Buruz" and the economist "Zizou Rodrigeuz" started what was to become World Farming Supply, they started by buying soil and two vans and hired drivers and farmers. 1988, was the worst year in the history of their company they lost more than 400,000$. WFS was almost dead, but Zizou tried to give another shot for it, they started focusing more on their work until they found the best work strategy, they knew that the macro-economic forces led by advancing technology, globalization and e-commerce are transforming the world and the business, so they started by publishing the quality of their products and influencing people all around the world to buy their goods by using ads, in two years the company was known everywhere in the entire world and it becomes the first agriculture company that produces the most healthy food and the highest quality of raw materials.

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    Farmer division

    • Performing manual labor.
    • Performing maintenance on the farm.
    • Managing farming activities.
    • Devising strategies for harvesting or breeding.
    • Liaising with clients.
    • Repairing faulty vehicles and machinery.

    Delivery man division ( our delivery man have some unique scripts )

    • Police inspection
    • Delivering Goods ( raw materials )
    • Dealing with clients
    • Delivering legal/illegal products
    • Repairing his own van

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    1. Read the server rules " F1 "
    2. Spamming in mainchat with ads will lead you to a punishment
    3. Follow any orders given by a higher ranked member
    4. The main language is English.
    5. Always use the group's tag while doing an activity
    6. Racism, Religion and Hatred are strictly forbidden.
    7. You have to post at least 1 RP and 2 activities every 1 week otherwise you'll be kicked
    8. You can make activities of both ( Farmer/Delivery man), but in roleplays, you have to stick on your division role.

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    WFS Administration

    Director: The company's owner, he takes care of most things.

    Vice Director: The director's right hand, he supervises lower rank employees.

    Chief Executive Officer: The highest executive in the company whose primary responsibilities include making major corporate decisions, also he's the one who takes care of the ranchers.

    Assistant Chief Executive Officer: The Chief Executive Officer's right hand, and helps him with everything

    Chief Marketing Officer: Is an executive responsible for activities like communicating and delivering offerings that have value for customers or clients.

    Assistant Marketing Officer: He prepares the meetings with the chief marketing and the clients, and helps him with everything.

    Rancher: The owner or director of the farm, he takes care of the lower-ranking employees, and he takes care of his farm.

    WFS Division Managers

    Delivery man / Farmer Manager: Each one of them should take care of his division, and they are the ones who hires the employees, after the acceptance of the administration.

    Assistant Delivery man / Farmer Manager: They have the same role as the Managers, but they are allowed to replace them only if the managers are not available.

    WFS Members

    Advanced Delivery Man / Farmer: The most trusted and skilled employees in the company.

    Top Delivery Man / Farmer: Skilled employees with a big experience in their domain.

    Delivery man / Farmer: The company's employees.

    Probationary Delivery Man / Farmer: The newest employees who passed their training period.

    Probationary: The company's trainee.

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    Probationary > Probotionary ( F / DM )
    Post 3 Roleplays


    Probationary Farmer > Farmer
    Wait one week
    You have to post 10 Farmer activities and 2 Roleplays.

    Farmer > Top Farmer
    Wait 2 weeks
    You have to post 15 Farmer activities , 3 Roleplays and 1 event

    Top Farmer > Advanced Farmer
    Wait 1 month
    You have to post 30 Farmer activities, 6 Roleplays, and 2 Events


    Probationary Delivery man > Delivery man
    Wait one week
    Post 10 delivery activities and 2 Roleplays

    Delivery man > Top delivery man
    Wait 2 weeks
    You have to post 15 Delivery activities , 3 Roleplays and 1 event

    Top Delivery man > Advanced Delivery man
    Wait 1 month
    You have to post 30 Delivery man activities, 6 Roleplays, and 2 Events

    Other ranks will be discussed by the HQ team

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    World Farming Supply's base

    alt text

    World Farming Supply's Farm

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    ( More properties will be added soon )

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    **Account name :**
    **Rate your English skills 0/10:**
    **Other languages:**
    **How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?:**
    **what is your current squad/gang:**
    **list your current group(s) memberships:**
    **Have you joined our discord server?:**
     **What does " RP " mean?:**
    **What division do you want to join?:**
    **Explain the role of that division:**
    **Explain rules number 7 and 8:**
    **Did anyone suggest you to apply? If yes mention who:**

    Accepted: You are accepted to our group and you are one of us.
    Pending: You need to prove yourself more.
    Denied: Your application is not good enough or you didn't join any of our activities.

    Recruitment status: OPEN

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  • Nickname: Cena
    Account name : medo12
    Age: 16
    Nationality: egyptian
    Rate your English skills 0/10: 7.5
    Other languages: Arabic-english

    How long have you been playing on SAES:RPG?: 3 years ago
    what is your current squad/gang: Generation X
    list your current group(s) memberships:
    Cunning Stunts
    Fight Club
    Horrific Reapers MC

    Have you joined our discord server?: Yes sure

    What does " RP " mean?: Roleplay acting like in reallife
    What division do you want to join?: Delivery man division
    Explain the role of that division: Delivery man division first of all any one working as Delivery man he should do Delivering Goods and he allowed to call mech to repair any thing and he doing Deals with people and last thing he allowed to Delivering legal or illegal products
    Explain rules number 7 and 8: 7- i must post 3 activity in 2 weeks or i will be kicked - 8- i can post activitys with delivery division and farmer division but in Roleplay i must follow my division
    Did anyone suggest you to apply? If yes mention who: N/a only i want apply to help my friends there

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  • @Medo12 You are showing enough interest to join this group, no doubt our members will be glad with your addition, ACCEPTED.
    Meet any of this HQs for your test ( @ZiZou777 @Andre @VitOoOo )

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