K-9 Security

  • This is a roleplay group, therefore you don't need to leave your squad to join.
    Gang members are allowed to apply as Instructors.

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    Full Name: K-9 Security
    Motto: "Detect, Detain, Deter"
    Organization Value: Around 50.000.000$
    Organization Colour: #003262
    Member count: 39 (5 HQ)
    K-9 Security Base (RENTED)
    K-9 Security Headquarters
    Training Fields:
    Las Venturas Training Course (by Flippy)
    Desert Training Course (by Laza)
    Mount Chilliad Training Course
    Beach Training Course (In construction)

    K-9 Security Discord Channel
    Official Media Archive

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    K-9 Security is a Private Security, Transporting and Policing organization that was established in San Andreas in 2013, and started his operations again in May 8th, 2020.

    But, back in 2001, founded by Pika and Flippy, K-9 Security was established in the United States of America, being his Headquarters located in Liberty City. Back on that time, K-9 Security wasn’t well known, with only 15 officers on charge and counting with 5 qualified police dogs.

    The recruitment by that time was small, we were actually hiring qualified instructors from the U.S.Army, and we were rescuing some dogs from the streets. Even with those difficulties we achieved a nice number of 35 instructors and 35 police dogs by the end of 2003.

    In 2005 we created our first Instructor school, so we didn't have to pay anymore for qualified instructors. Instead we hired a known professor from an university. This was a success, as we graduated 20 new instructors that year. We offered, as well, a second graduation for our 5 best students, so they could start teaching other instructors as well.

    In late 2006 we started to expand to other states, trying to find new qualified instructors and police dogs, starting with Vice City, where there is a lot drug traffic, including some Cuban cartels wich were our main target back in the day. While training in a beach in the west coast of Vice City, a group of cubans grenaded our training, that resulted in a dead Instructor, another one almost lost his vision and a police dog was close to death as well. Since then, our trainings are always supervised by our Tactical Response Unit.

    After reaching half of the states in the US we recieved a call from the UK, in late 2011, where they wanted us to do security services in the London airport in the following year, due to the 2012 Olympic Games. By the time we were really proud of ourselves, and we immediately moved a Unit to London and started to recruit new members as well.

    In late 2012 a tragedy happened. Two of our police dogs sacrified their lifes to save a little boy who was kidnapped. As we were leaving the warehouse with the boy, the terrorists made the structure colapse, trapping our two canines inside and killing them.

    In 2013 we started a Unit, here in San Andreas, due to the large arms and drug traffics and terrorism present in the state, but to continue offering our security services as well. Back in that year, we recruited almost 30 qualified officers and 20 new K-9. Unfortunatly we needed to close our San Andreas Unit do to classified reasons, in the early 2015.

    Now, in 2020, K-9 Security is proudly back in San Andreas to fight the terrorism and traffics that has been happening for years now.

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    Our mission is to provide professional security services that exceed our clients expectations and needs, with integrity and professionalism.

    Our responsibility is to give our clients peace of mind, as well as continue to proactively revolutionize emerging security systems to set us apart from the competition.

    We will conduct research and development, use state-of-the-art equipment and review our methods of operation in a never ending effort to continually improve the quality of our K-9 Unit and the services we offer, designing a system that will help security and facility directors handle the increasing complexity of security networks, derive beneficial information from their security systems and deliver unique security solutions.

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    K-9 Security is the premier source for all of your security services needs including: security services, protection services and private investigations. Apart from that we have our police services, such as searching for drugs and weapons and criminal base raids.
    We offer, as well, our personalized home dog training, so we can teach your best buddy some skills for your safety and fun.
    K-9 Security provides civilian security services to private companies and public sector entities, such as the Port of Los Santos, however, the more visible division is the Tactical Response Unit, which makes all the police related missions.

    Our services include:

    • Private services:
      -> Dog teaching classes (1.000$ per class);
      -> Private Security (2.000$ per hour);
      -> Private investigations (10.000$ per target)
      -> Company Headquarters Security (15.000$ per day).

    • Police services:
      -> Police dog trainings;
      -> Raids to criminal bases;
      -> Weapons and drugs searches;
      -> Bomb searches and defusals;

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    Commanders [HQ Leaders]

    The Commanders are the founders and leaders of the K-9 Security Group.
    Their mission is to lead the members and make sure that everything is running in the group

    Management team [HQ]:

    The General Manager is the right arm of the Commanders.
    His role is to help the Commanders leading and managing the group in General.

    The Recruitment Manager is the responsible for our K-9 and personnel recruitment.
    Apart from the Commanders, he is the one who manages the new entries in the group, answering and testing the applicants.

    The Chief of Police is the one who controls every policing operations in the group.
    Such operations as raids, scheduled patrols, police dogs trainings, etc.


    Instructors Unit

    Our Instructors are the responsible for the training and handling of our K-9.
    The Chief Instructor creates the trainings which our instructors must know and teach to the K-9 Unit, to make them the most elite police dogs in San Andreas. He also manage the number of police dogs and their quality as well.
    K-9 training it’s a very lengthy process, so instructors must be patient.

    K-9 Unit (PC)

    The K-9 is a police dog that is trained to assist the law-enforcement personnel of San Andreas.
    Their duties include: searching for drugs and explosives, locating missing people, finding crime scene evidence, and attacking people targeted by the police.
    In San Andreas we use the breed of the German Shepherd, which we consider to be the most suitable for the role.

    Tactical Response Unit

    The Tactical Response Unit (TRU) are the armored policeman that are accompanied by the K-9 in missions, such as raiding criminal bases, security services for civilians and transportations.
    This Unit is heavily armed and are only necessary ocasionaly, therefore only qualified officers can be part.
    Members of this Unit must have instructor skills as well, which means that they must know how to handle a K-9.
    The Commander creates the tactics for the missions and leads the Tactical Response Unit officers.

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    Before applying, make sure you follow the next rules:

    • Good English knowledge.
    • You must show loyalty and respect.
    • Act like a mature person.
    • This is a roleplay group, so you must act with your role in mind.
    • Hanging out with the group before applying will boost your chances to get accepted.
    • Be active on Discord!

    Recruitment status:
    Instructors Unit: OPEN
    K-9 Unit: OPEN for PC only
    Tactical Response Unit: CLOSED

    Application format:

    ![alt text](https://i.imgur.com/nT0xRgF.png)
    **Ingame name:**
    **Server login name:**
    **Age & Date of Birth:**
    **Nacionality & Country of Residence:**
    **Ingame playing time:**
    **Current organization (Gang/Squad):**
    **Current server memberships (Groups):**
    **Have you ever been kicked from an organization?:**
    **If yes, why?:**
    **What unit would you like to join?:**
    **Write in a paragraph the main role of that unit:**
    **Tell us what are your qualifications for that specific unit (strengths):**
    **Why do you want to join us and that specific unit?:**
    **Tell us about yourself (+40 words):**

    After the management team sees your application, you will have one of the following answers:

    Accepted, your application is good and we think you have the skills to be in the organization.
    Pending, your application is not good enough, but we think you did enough to deserve a chance. An ingame test will be given to you by the management team.
    Denied, bad application, and the management team don't think you are good for the organization. You must reapply in 1 week if you still interested.

    alt text

    San Andreas Interceptors

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  • Ingame name: Ardron
    Server login name: king1992
    Age & Date of Birth: 27 years old, 12th of November 1992
    Nacionality & Country of Residence: Romanian, Romania

    Ingame playing time: Well I am on the server since 2013, and as hours since the new system, 6773!
    Actual server memberships: SoA, SAi, PC, Lounge, CC, SAFD, RadioSA
    Past server memberships: SAM
    Have you ever been kicked from an organization?: I think from groups just
    If yes, why?: Cause of inactivity

    What unit would you like to join?: I would like to join the K9 unit.
    Write in a paragraph the main role of that unit: The main role of the K9 unit is to assist law agents in different missions which can include searching for drugs, explosives, illegal drugs, and so on.
    Tell us what are your qualifications for that specific unit: Well.. I've been a PC member for a very long time, so I have played quite a lot as K9 before, and also had a K9 unit used in SAi, also, I can bark!
    Why do you want to join us and that specific unit?: I would like to join to give some purpose and activity to such a unit, since we have none on the server, and cause I believe that it could be a fresh breath of a new type of RP too.

    Tell us about yourself (+40 words): Well, my real name is Andrei, I'm 27 years old, currently working in the IT sector. In rest, my hobbies are, as expected, gaming and football and travelling, and I like to meet new people. I consider myself friendly and open, and I don't hesitate to talk with anyone that approaches me.

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  • @Ardron said in K-9 Security:

    Ingame name: Ardron
    Server login name: king1992
    Age & Date of Birth: 27 years old, 12th of November 1992
    Nacionality & Country of Residence: Romanian, Romania

    Accepted, your application is good and we think you have the skills to be in the organization.

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  • alt text

    Ingame name: Markus
    Server login name: kalevipoeg
    Age & Date of Birth: 16, 23th of March 2004
    Nacionality & Country of Residence: Estonian & Estonia

    Ingame playing time: 2.9k+
    Actual server memberships: SAI, OB, Senator, SAP, HS, SAFD, IZC, RadioSA
    Past server memberships: Don't remember.
    Have you ever been kicked from an organization?: No.
    If yes, why?: -

    What unit would you like to join?: K9 Instructor.
    Write in a paragraph the main role of that unit: They train and are the masters of the K9 dogs. The instructors must be very patient since the dog training is a very lengthy and dedicated process.
    Tell us what are your qualifications for that specific unit: I am patient, I've got leadership skills, I know how to Instruct people and dogs.
    Why do you want to join us and that specific unit?: It stands out for me from the rest.

    Tell us about yourself (+40 words): 16-year-old boy from Estonia. Finishing the 9th grade currently and main focuses are fitness and gaming I guess as there isn't much to do with this covid-19 shit. I play CS:GO and from time to time MTA.

  • @Markus said in K-9 Security:

    Ingame name: Markus
    Server login name: kalevipoeg
    Age & Date of Birth: 16, 23th of March 2004
    Nacionality & Country of Residence: Estonian & Estonia

    Pending, not a bad application but it could be better as well. Meet any HQ ingame for a chat.

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