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  • Well before i start talking idk if this a right place for a situation like this or not

    am not reporting an admin or anyone, am discussing about a report that have been made by @Leb and sorted by @Ardron
    the story as I play everyday in my daily routine as a cop, I was in contact party with @Spicey as we are friends, in the morning where organisation zero turfing, i was joking with skinner at the party saying if he needs help he know this kind of joks and he said no don't come, but anyway i responded to turfwar where there was a bout 9 or 10 Z member, I was trying to chaise them and then Z|leb reported me for assisting LE in war, around this rule it is said am not allowed to assist a gang in war, but i see this point can be applied when there is different gang members in the warzone and i target only one gang from them this is called assisting, but here there was only Z presented in the zone, and only 2 LE, the moment they arrive turf they get killed and only Z left, so when i arrive to war i see only Z in the zone so they are the only criminals who i will chaise in addition there wasnt LE in the war and i didnt try to chaise coz there wasnt, and then I called it on the radio and some other cops responded including @AngelDust and some of his friends and same there was only Z and they chaised them, my question is why they are not reported, no report because they didnt target specific gang.

    i hope u get my point and am asking the community to re-discuss about my report

  • First of all, don't underestimate our intelligence. You didn't know that I was in this party chat and you asked LE member to help them at their turf. I didn't respond to your message and just wait you come. You came 3 times in a row with LE members in the zone. Then was the time when I told you on mainchat that you're reported.The case that after your 3 attempts to arrest only Z members and then came other cops don't make you innocent. Find better excuses and I recommend you again don't underestimate our intelligence. Good luck .

  • Firstly, I don't think that the reason you gave me for your party message with LE ( (P) SAFP|Nightmare|CDT: want me to come give a hand? ) was just a "joke" as you told me. Secondly, Skinner told me you aren't "friends" as you said. Thirdly, as Leb said, and confirmed by logs, chats, etc, you did go there and arrested only Z members, while also being in a party chat with Skinner. Skinner confirmed that you came and arrested Z too, I spoke with the sides there, including with you.

  • I've been in only one turf war today which was in LS Burgershop near beach.There was LE,UE.But no others.Though dont involve me in such these things.Because i dont know what just happened between you and other gang members.I only arrest arrest. ❤

  • i was in pchat with Z|Leb who he's my friend from Z i was with Organisation Zero while they was turfing arround SA they turfed the San fiero against ThC and TR then my buddy @Leb he said we coming and to LS lets have some fun i gived him my car he get with his gang in LS i take LE>Homeless wtih me and we defended we just go there for fun was don't even care if we get the turf or anything we just tryed for fun we never care about a turf we just goin there for fun to have some Free DM 😃 we never have call cops to help us in a turf war some Ppl From AA yeah btw never cops Nightmare he asked me if i want help in turf war and i said no Don't come Z|Leb was in pchat with me too he can said that too and his from side if he want also when you come i tell to Homeless to focus only to you and if you are goin to arrest any Z member help the Z member to kill the cop instead of kill the Z members. in LE we turfing only for fun just for the Free DM .

    also Leb he warned you bro if you come back i will report you and you said report for what. also from that i tryed to save that report who leb make against you i talked with @Ardron about that and @Stoner and @Leb they know everything from my side and also @Ardron he know me and he know i will never do anything like that to call a cop to help me in a turf war..

    Yeah i like SAFP i respect this Squad when i was newbie Wizax,Halo,Barry helped me alot in this game before 6-7 years they helped me to join to SAFP btw i liked more the crim side and i left the squad i still playning with them some times and with alot of more SAFP mebmers btw i never have told them come to help in a turf war or something.
    in LE if we will want help in a turf war we will call only AA or we will go solo

    we just turfing for fun, we just enjoyning the DM nothing more 🙂

  • I don't want to interrupt anything but i saw that im tagged in this post, you have mistaken me with the other stoner, if you talking about SAFP member @SAFP-Stoner

  • Hey, guys. I've talked to Night already. No one can prove if this was a joke or not, to be honest and this is only from a 3rd person point of view. I won't say that he is guilty or not guilty as I have no solid evidence that 100% points to either verdict. He could have been joking. As most of ya'lls English isn't your first language, much could be taken for the wrong thing and intentions may be unclear. However, what I do know is that he was admin jailed . As a member of his squad's HQ team this is very concerning and I must take action to avoid damaging our reputation. He has been warned within the squad already and I have spoken to him about making sure to keep himself out of trouble. I've also talked to him about how he could avoid this in future which includes not saying or doing anything that could be mistaken for a rule break. I would advise Night to not continue this thread as you guys will just run in circles until you start insulting each other.

    Mistakes happen and we can learn from them. We can all just play nice and have a great time on SAES.

    @Leb and his gang Z:
    I sincerely apologize on my own behalf. Please know that this behavior is not acceptable and that SAFP and I will personally make sure this does not become a trend.

    You guys are welcome to PM me on discord or any other way you have of contacting me.

    Best regards,


    San Andreas Federal Police Vice Leader

  • We don't make circles. Everything is clear , just read again what @Ardron said. This activity has nothing to do with LE I can confirm that. Your member's action were the problem. He got punished, end of story nothing personal with SAFP.

  • No, nothing is clear. I’ve spoken to all parties involved and I’ve reviewed the screen shots and logs. The admin jail is justified. I’m not arguing against that. Please don’t sit here and argue with me. I’m not the one, thanks.