Space Hunters
By Nippy1, in Gangs

  • Space Hunters

  • The SpaceHunters Story:

    There was a father who had no money, and he was not good with his family. One day the poor father robbed a bank and the cops looked everywhere, but the cops could not find him. Dad entered a bar and met a few criminals there. And the guys invited him to a gang named SpaceHunters. They said he would make a lot of money there, and the father agreed to go in. The guilty men took them to their leader, the leader's nickname was Nippy. Nippy accepted the man and took it to the gang. Now the poor father was very rich, but he forgot his family. But if the father takes them, the father's family will be guilty. the father did not want them to be guilty. The father decided to secretly send money to them. The family did not want the money and the husband went to the police station to complain. When her husband learned what happened, her father stopped giving money now. And he totally forgot his family. His wife had already married another man. He was now an enemy to his wife, and he swore to kill them. But he could not do that. He could not kill the family. Now the father was shabby. He wanted to leave Gang and commit suicide. But the gang leader did not want it. The father gained great trust in Gang. And he stopped giving suicide. And suddenly the gang wars started and the leader died. All gang members choose him a new gang leader because he is very trustworthy to him. And the other gangs started to sell heavy drugs. Now the new gang leader has begun to sell heavy drugs to other gangs. And the father finally died for an unknown reason.

    Gang Info:

    Gang founder and leader: Nippy
    Gang level: 0
    Gang Color: #006400
    Gang tag: [SH]Name|Rank
    Gang money: 3.000.000$
    Gang motto: We are the envoy of terrorism.

    Gang Rules:

    It is obligatory to take Los Santos Drug Dealer.
    It is obligatory for the gang member to take the tag.
    It is forbidden for gang members to attack each other.
    It is forbidden for gang members to quarrel with each other.
    You can not fire at your teammate.
    No chitchatting.

    Gang Ranks:

    ~Leader~ (LVL5)
    (The Founder and Leader, he had the ability to take any further decisions at the gang)

    ~ViceLeader~ (LVL4)
    (The right hand of the Leader)

    ~HeadQuarter~ (LVL4)
    (Replaces the Leader and Vice Leader when they are offline, also he had abilities to take shared decisions with other heads)

    ~R~ (LVL3)
    (This rank will be given to the members who show all their efforts to help the gang and should be trusted and loyal

    ~PVT~ (LVL2)
    (The second rank within the gang after the Newbie who needs to obey HeadQuarters orders),

    ~M~ (LVL1)
    (A Regular Member within the gang, deserved to be a full member)

    (This rank is only can be given to newbies in the gang)

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  • @master-chief oops sorry im sorted this problemo.

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  • You forget lvl0 two! Is this a squad? PVT fix this and best of luck!

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  • @moenesmjaid This is a gang. And your problem is sorted.

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